Weekend Challenge

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about being an overwhelmed mom and suggested that spending quality time with your children may just help you battle those overwhelmed feelings.

You know what else will help?

A bit of flirting.

Yes, I am talking to my married friends out there…you need to flirt with your hubby!

Far too often the stresses of daily life burden a mom right out of one of the greatest stress relievers of all – sweet time with your man.

So girlfriend…today I am throwing out a stress relieving challenge – plan an at home date night one night this weekend!

Yes, I know it can be hard to turn off our “mommy brain” but it is oh so important to do just that. Set aside the mundane and the practical and get yourself inspired to enjoy some quality, relaxing time with your husband.

It doesn’t have to be expensive or over the top – the idea is to relieve the stress factor, not add to it. Let the kids know you are planning an at home “date night” for mom and dad and have them help you make some romantic decorations, place cards, set the table for two with candlelight and romantic music. (We once dined to Can You Feel The Love Tonight from Lion King – compliments of my sweet son!) The meal can be a simple one you make, or you could pre-order and have him pick up take out.

The stress of your day (and his) will melt away if you concentrate on loving your husband and spending quality time with him.

You can provide pizza and a movie for the kids, or get them situated with sandwiches and chips and a major art project or engineering masterpiece – whatever will keep them busy for a while.

Nothing seems to make kids happier than seeing their parents in love and you will find them eager to help you prepare and pull off a special quiet evening for two!

Best of all, in the process of planning and carrying out special time together as husband and wife you are training your children to do the same someday when they are married.

I would say that is some overwhelmingly successful parenting!


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