Just Write A Post Already!

You must know that pretty much every day I write a post to place on my blog site here.

The problem…I write it in my head while I am doing something else that needs my attention.

Rest assured that once I get through MomLife Boot Camp (that’s coming up in April) the posts will pick up again.

Between now and then it will be hit or miss…but thankfully there is no shortage of great content from many, many bloggers!

You know you can always head over to MomLifeToday for a daily post – I started that ministry five years ago and that is where most of my energies go.

We are in the process of preparing for MomLife Boot Camp and making some big, big decisions about next steps for MomLife Today – I look forward to seeing what God has in store and being obedient to His desires. Your prayers would be appreciated!

And if you know anything about me you know that time with God and family win out every time over tasks that are not absolutely necessary.

That Busy Mom Trap is always nipping at my heels!



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