Don’t Be A Hater!

I make mistakes constantly. I mess up. I let my “uglies” show. I let people down. I fail to meet expectations. I puff up.

Sometimes that makes me want to seal myself off from the world to save others from me.

I’ve been reading Psalms and David’s words seem less like little black marks on a page and more like a mirror. I am mindful of my constant need to seek forgiveness…and give it.

God is so good to forgive.

People…not so much.

Grudges hurt.

Misunderstandings grieve.

I was taught years ago about giving charitable judgment to others, and I try to do just that.

But at times I even fail at that and I get my feelings hurt and pass judgment on others.

What a mess I am.

God’s mercies are new everyday.

Are you a mess too? If you scan through your words or thoughts of the past week can you recall the times you have grumbled dissatisfaction with others?

Are your mercies to others new every day?

What about blog posts you read? When you read something that doesn’t resonate with you, are you quick to judge and leave a less than charitable comment?

Maybe that post, that day wasn’t for you…but will speak to the heart of someone else, so how about considering lifting up a prayer for that “other” reader, or the writer of the post.

Isn’t ones personal experience just that, a personal experience and for that very reason, doesn’t it have value? Even if you don’t “agree” with it?

I know we are to have discernment in what we read and absorb…but I am constantly reminded of the words of my mom, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

But then again…these are just my thoughts on this day, that I feel compelled to share.

You can take it or leave it.

But don’t be a hater!

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