Got Bullies? Got Answers!

My kids have dealt with their share of bullies, popular peeps, status jockeying that leads to drama, drama, drama.

On each occasion I have been adamant that status is not important, but people and relationships are what matters. I let my kids know they need to be far more interested in who in the room is alone and their need to reach out than to be concerned with where they land in the pecking order. I admit it – I have zero tolerance for bullies or jockeying for position that causes kids to be unkind to others.

I have been a substitute teacher – it is there and it is ugly. Real ugly – and it starts young.

Join me over at MomLife Today where I share a particularly hard time in my sons life – a time where he faced bullies. It set up a life lesson at a young age that I do believe taught him to care more fully for others.

If you have never had a discussion with your child about bullies or popularity “games” that are played amongst kids and teens you need to – you so do not want your child to be part of the problem simply because you failed to help them guard against it – in others and in themselves.

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