Happily Unqualified

Through the ages God has used the unqualified for His purposes in the lives of others. The Bible is filled with people called by God who immediately go to, “Who me?” coupled with eyebrows up and “you gotta be kidding me” thoughts running through their heads.

Why is it that when we read God’s word we are easily shocked that those called questioned their calling – Noah, Moses, Rahab, Mary, Peter, Paul. We read that the maker of heaven and earth prompted, yet the called question and hesitate. It’s easy to imagine that we would jump at the chance to readily accept an invitation from the Lord to do something for His purposes.

We know their stories, we imagine their not me excuses, “I can’t speak well, I have an inappropriate past…and present, I don’t know how, I am a nobody, I have enough to do already, I really don’t like people much…” all valid excuses in human terms.

Not much has changed in thousands of years. Unfortunately, when called, “Who me?” continues to be the answer that rings through the heavens. I have done it and no doubt you have done it as well.

Whether it is to teach a simple study, facilitate a small group or plan an event. It is easy to question our abilities. I hope it is easy for you to see you are in great company as you question your abilities. I also hope you will consider this very simple statement, “Do it, even if you are unqualified and do it while afraid.”

The great thing about being under qualified is you learn more fully how to be dependent upon the Lord for the task. The great thing about doing something afraid – it exercises your “fear not” muscle and trust me, that is one muscle you need at full strength.

I happen to be an encourager, so through the years I have propelled, through prayer and prodding, more than a few people towards a God intended task or purpose. It is an honor to get a glimpse into what God is doing in someone’s life and then gently push them towards His best in their lives.

How amazing is God? It leaves me awestruck that God truly uses the unqualified and unworthy for His purposes to reveal His glory.

So that begs the question…mom, what is it that God has called you to do that leaves you thinking, “Who me?”

I hope you will write it in the comment section and give me, and others who read it a chance to lift up a prayer for you – time to do some muscle strengthening moms!

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