Teen Parenting Tips!

Hey Friends!!!

Do you have tweens or teens? Maybe friends with those hormone filled, independence figuring out amazing, exciting young people? If you don’t … you will! Check out this quick set of tips that will help you navigate the stormy seas experienced in teendom and guide you towards  peaceful waters!

Join me over at MomLife Today for 10 Timely Tips on Raising Teens!



  1. April Lauricella says

    When my children were small I would discipline them by giving them a time out on a chair set aside, then, as they grew older it was to their room they would go for a time out. But when they were about ten years old, it was a time out on the sofa or a dining room chair. Teens and preteens get to a stage where they tend to isolate from family and sometimes friends. Don’t send them to their rooms – it allows for isolation and stinkin’ thinkin’. We have to teach our children to combat negative thinking early on. Don’t give the devil a foot hold. Make sure they know it’s the behaviour not the child you don’t like.

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