Busy Busy May

I am blessed.

I am busy, but I am blessed and I share all about that as a guest post contributor over at Family Matters today!

When my heart to speak into the lives of moms to encourage them allows me to share life regularly through the ministry of others I am in awe of how big God is! And truly amazed at how He opens doors that leave me humbled and grateful.

Today I am sharing over at Family Matters and I hope you join me there!

Family Matters is all about helping us be better parents! If you have never read a book by Tim Kimmel, the President of Family Matters – you really need to! He is the author of Grace Based Parenting and Raising Kids for True Greatness (one of my ALL TIME favorite books) and many others…his latest release is Connecting Church & Home.

I hope you will spend some time reading some of his and his wife Darcy’s posts – they have amazing wisdom – and they are big time fun! (You know I like big time fun!)


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