Embracing Menopausal Weight Gain

I just watched some ridiculous commercial discussing how awful it is to experience menopausal weight gain and how I can take some drugs to fight against it.

Decision made…I am going to punch menopausal weight gain in the face and just embrace it. I mean really – why are women so daggum entranced by the desire to look young at all cost?

I vote we all look our age and recognize the human body changes and that is N-A-T-U-R-A-L!

A teenage girl looks different than a young woman in her 20’s, who looks different than a woman 30 years old and – well, you get the idea.

There are many things our society gets far too fixated on and youth and the desire to remain youthful is one of those things. I am all for health and being healthy, but let us not confuse that with disliking who we become as we age.

It is high time we learned to appreciate beauty in all of beauty’s seasons!

So sisters look in the mirror today and tell yourself you are beautiful. Period.

And yell at the TV the next time it tells you to fight menopausal weight gain, go on a diet or get a life style lift!

And tell every female friend you have she is perfect just the way she is!

I believe you just experienced a rant.

Yes, I am feeling a bit sassy today!



  1. Suzanne says

    Oh, I agree with you so much. Women end up being self-loathing because they think they are the wrong weight. If we are bone-skinny, it’s not even healthy. Ugh. And, you know what? I remember my grandma, who wasn’t skinny, and she wasn’t fat. She was just right. She did have wrinkles, and she loved me to pieces! I miss her every day! I have always thought she was beautiful. My mom was not skinny, she was not fat, but, she didn’t live long enough to get a lot of wrinkles. There are so many things that goes into making a woman beautiful. A woman’s sweet spirit, her way of encouraging, giving, loving, helping, being a blessing, forgiving, and other things, make a woman beautiful. And, that’s my rant.

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