Encouragement Cafe Chat

More than a year ago I “met” Luann Prater by phone and we shared our hearts on life, where God had us and what the big dreams were He had placed in our hearts.

Imagine my surprise when I found out she would be coming to Little Rock a few weeks ago to meet up with Suzie Eller, (my now new friend) and that they wanted to sit and chat with me on their radio program Encouragement Cafe.

We enjoyed dinner together the night before, where there was lots more of sharing of life, God’s grace and big dreams for His glory!

These two ladies are a bundle of energy and I found myself completely at ease with both of them. So by golly, you need to get to know them yourselves. (Do people say by golly anymore? Oh no…I am my Crazy Aunt!)

I hope you take a moment to “meet” these two women if you don’t already know them and have a listen to our conversation we shared in the FamilyLife recording studio! It was kinda cool to have them on “my turf” doing their audio broadcast! Pretty neat huh? And yes, of course we talked about what it means to Be The Mom.

I so hope you get a little “somethin, somethin” from our conversation!

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