Friendly Greeting Vlog

Hey Friends –

Although it might not be a “best practice” as far as my SEO is concerned to post vlogs instead of writing blog posts, I don’t give a rip! Forgive me for being a bit blunt…but I hope you all realize by now this website is not about best practices it is about me sharing my heart and speaking to yours, on what matters, in ways that help me, and you, manage our time so we can make the main thing…the main thing! (amazing run on sentence!)

And trust me, the main thing here is not a highly successful blog. It is being real and helpful to anyone who comes here who wants real and helpful.

Lately I have just felt like there is SO MUCH NOISE in the on-line world. I totally hope you would rather be with your family than trolling around on the internet.

Here’s some wisdom from this mom whose been around a bit…find a few hearts who share with you what you know you need to hear, in a way you need to hear it and stop hopping from blog to blog AND stop spending inordinate amounts of time on Facebook and Pinterest reading and viewing lives and go live your own! (dang…another tremendous run on sentence!)

Rather counter to furthering myself here…huh? Pssst…that’s the point, I don’t want to further myself here…I want to help you here and send you on your merry “go live life to help my family and community way” … so check out this, my first vlog, and get yourself back to doing what matters most … be intentional, be relational and be selfless!  And don’t write long run on sentences like I do it might make your High School English teacher roll over in her grave! {sorry Mrs. Stevens}

Hugs x 1 Million!


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