I Cannot Birth This Baby!

Interesting that during my pregnancy over 20 years ago I constantly read the book What To Expect When You Are Expecting and now that I am talking into the lives of moms I was asked by them to write a post on child birth!

I really was connected to that book, I even mention it in Be The Mom!

They have a website, What To Expect, and they send me an email several months back and say, “Hey, will you write us a guest post?” And I answer back, “Yeah, right, I bet this is one of those blanket emails to zillions of mombloggers!”  To my surprise he wrote back telling me that no he was the real deal, real email and really wanted me to write a guest post!

My reaction? Think Elaine on Seinfeld – I wanted to push him in the chest, knock him backwards and scream “Get Out!”

How crazy is that??

I mean really!

I hope you will hop over to the What To Expect blog and read about my “I Cannot Do This” MOMent … and then please share with me if you had a panicked MOMent on the way to the hospital!

And hey – leave a comment over there on their site, become part of the conversation ON A LARGER SCALE!

I think God is showing off!



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