Be A Mentor, Find A Mentor

It can be awkward and uncomfortable at first…but a mentoring relationship is something you NEED to pursue.

And hey – your seatbelt was awkward and uncomfortable but you got used to that! So buckle up and make mentoring happen in YOUR life!

Do you have that “older woman” who touches your life deeply, without much fan fare or notice to the rest of the world?

I remember her well; her name was Connie. She was the “older women” in our women’s group at the small church I attended in West Virginia over a dozen years ago.

Older meant she was in her late 40’s, while the rest of us were in our 20’s and 30’s. Older meant that she had teen children, while we had babies and toddlers. Older meant that because she wasn’t in constant “mom motion” she was able to spend more quiet, quality time in the word. Older meant that she had amazing patience and love towards us “we think we know it all” church going young moms.

Older meant that she was a wise mentor to those younger than her – and she took that role as described in Titus 2 to heart and carried it out with sweet God honoring simplicity.

Usually simple is the best way to roll!

I used to admire the way she…

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