How To Help Kids Remember!

There are so many things we as moms want to do to help our children thrive in life!

I do realize that trying to do them all can make every stinkin one of us go crazy because there simply are not enough hours in the day! So, right now, let me absolve you of all the “Oh my goodness I cannot do it all!” guilt running through your head. Because you know what? You are right you CANNOT do it all.

So, you just have to decide what is right for you and your family based on what God has you and your family on this planet to do. Based on how he has designed and gifted you, your kids…your family!

I guess the beauty of the internet is that you can find help in the areas you need help, you can find brilliant suggestions – or you can just shut down the computer and ask some moms ahead of you in your neighborhood – or you could actualy…..{gulp} ask your own mom and/or family members!!!

But hey, if you are here, you must be curious as to how you can help your kids remember…well, I have a few simple little things I did/do with my kids and now that they are 20 and 17 I can see that it really has helped quite a bit!

Jump on over to MomLife Today and see what I share about how to help improve your child’s memory!

Then, go ask your mom if she has any additional tidbits of wisdom she would like to share with you about how to better raise your children. Then when she comes to from her fainting spell, I am sure she will impart some fabulous wisdom.

Come on…I have a mother too! I get it…but it is fun to just “make her day” by asking!

And daggone it if sometimes she isn’t right! {wink}

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