Ugly No Haired Baby Lie

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse…it did.

Way worse.

In recent years I have become increasingly frustrated over society’s desire to grow our children up too quickly. We want our six year olds to look like they are twelve, we want our twelve year olds to look like they are eighteen. What is it with this overwhelming trend to push  kids towards looking and acting older than they really are.

I do not get it.

It concerns me greatly…actually it aggravates the dog snot out of me!

Can we all just let kids be kids?!  And look like kids. And look how God made them to look!

We are wishing their lives away. We are also pushing them into situations they shouldn’t be in because they “appear” older than they are.

I just about threw my computer across the room when I saw the latest…it is an ugly, ugly lie that if you are embarassed or think your baby is not attractive enough you need to take measures to “pretty them up a bit.”


All babies are beautiful, just as all six year olds are – they are beautiful just the way they are, in EVERY stage of growth.

Wait for it.

If your baby does not have enough hair growth and that is a problem for you, you may now buy a wig for your baby.

For reals.

{mind blown}

I hesitate to even give you the link…but I will – here is the link to the STUPID article. (It would bring me great pleasure to report in the near future this was just a sick joke and it’s not real. That would be marvy.)

Truly we have become a warped society when we are THAT focused on appearance, on what the world “deems” as acceptable.  That someone would even suggest and people would buy into (literally) that now even a BABY has to meet some crazy standard of having the right “look” to be accepted.






  1. says

    This is so sick and wrong. I join you in being disgusted by this. We have a hard enough time enforcing positive self esteem and identity rooted in Christ, and now this? From DAY ONE you can teach your precious child they don’t measure up?!

    This breaks my heart. Praying for all the babies with toupees out there, and praying their parents get a brain.

    Big hug, sweet friend.

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