Mom Missing In Action

Today is a fantastical, amazing, unbelievable day in the life of this “mom first” yet ministry minded mom! The new MomLife Today was finally launched today.

It has been a long time coming.

My mornings have been filled with extended time with the Lord to make it through the last several weeks. Various personal matters have demanded lots of attention and every morsel of time I have had to spend towards ministry has been poured into furthering the ministry of MomLife Today.

Sadly, I put my personal blog on hold while I invested my time in my Father in Heaven, my family, friends and the new MomLife Today!

Today was a whirlwind as I was also in the video suite interviewing Stephen and Alex Kendrick about some amazing new projects they are working on and getting to see pictures of Stephen and Jill’s sweet little girl they adopted from China! Their story of God’s fingerprints all over little Mia finding her forever family will leave you speechless…and weeping!

God’s love for His children is so all encompassing and vast … He truly is the giver of grace and mercy.

I hope you, like me choose Him and family over the ever constant tug of blogging and social media. All are possible, but when pressed be mindful of what your priority needs to be sweet moms!

Thanks for stopping by – I hope you will visit MomLife Today and meet some amazing moms who have a heart for YOU – we very much want you to join the conversation and tell us your story!


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