Christian Zombies, Who Knew

OK, sit down a minute.

Yes, I do watch Walking Dead with my son.

Don’t judge me.

Call me crazy but it is a way to connect with him around something that intrigues him. And yes I do look away when they have one of those gross scenes…even he thinks at times they are over the top.

We even when to see that zombie love story movie together when it came out. Which actually led to some pretty cool conversations. I am telling you moms…you want kids that do not act like zombies around you, then do with them that which they are interested in and conversation and connection will occur.

I know that of which I speak.

Speaking of zombies…ever met a Christian Zombie? Maybe you have and you just did not realize it.

Join me over at MomLife Today where I shout out a warning about a Christian Zombie Alert that may be familiar, maybe even up close and personal!


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