Meet Sally Lloyd Jones – Jesus Story Book Bible


Sometimes I stand amazed at the sweet love filled souls who are finely tuned to hear God’s voice and how they then share that gift with others through their writing.

Sally Lloyd Jones, author of the Jesus Story Book Bible was a complete joy to meet and chat with – I mean like “instant friends” type of connection. I think the Holy Spirit does that quite often…don’t you agree!

Little did she know the little “surprise” I had to tell her about what the Jesus Story Book Bible has meant for a member of my family – and I was so excited to share that tidbit with her!

And moms…if you are in need of a gift for someone of any age – this just might be the perfect gift!


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    Even as an adult, when I’m feeling like I really need to SEE Jesus, I pick up Sally’s “Jesus Story Book Bible.” I love it.

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