Suffering? Need Help?

Friends, I am in a season that is leaving me reeling…and on my knees.

Family members with serious health issues that have had me away from home, an unexpected death in our family that has led to heartache and hard decisions.

Each heart crushing need could be a series of blog posts that would leave my keyboard salty from the splash of tears. But God has not released me to share…after these happenings are not my life…but the fragile lives of those I love dearly.

As I experience this present and peer into my past I am mindful that when exploring deep valleys, when crawling through the mire of anguish my only place of comfort has always been with the Alpha and Omega.

Finding refuge in the knowing that He is the author of it all.

That I am not in charge.

He is.

That I am not responsible for next steps. (or next crawls)

He is.

I am just to put one foot in front of the next knowing that the terra firma that rises to meet my bravely trembling steps was shaped by the Great I Am.

And that is enough to keep me moving forward.

In the tumult is where the sweetest knowing of my Savior occurs.

Where there truly is less of me, and more of Him.

And the things of this world grow strangely dim.

Sweet friend, if you are hurting, be encouraged…be brave…and know the hurting is His invitation to seek Him humbly.

At the end of yourself is where you will find Him.

Experience has revealed that the peace and joy of the Lord is attainable.

Join me in Philippians and find joy in the suffering.



  1. Cordelia says

    Dear Tracey, You remind me of David in the Psalms where he cried out to the Lord and encouraged himself by doing that. I hear you doing that in the post I just read. May Jesus be your strength and comfort today. I know He is walking alongside you in this pain. “The Name of the Lord Jesus Christ is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.” He will protect your faith. God IS with us. I am speaking to myself, also, as I am writing to you….hurting for a precious sister and brother-in-law. My BIL has a brain tumor that is malignant. I love when the family of God can bring each other to the Lord for His loving care. I will do that for you, dear Tracey, as you walk this painful journey. May Jesus encourage your heart today, in some way. Blessings

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