Don’t you figure deep down inside Hollywood types just want to be treated like everyone else? I suppose most are just regular peeps placed in extraordinary circumstances and those around them lift them up to positions they don’t necessarily want to be lofted to! At least those who stay grounded no doubt feel that way.

That was very true when I observed the cast of Moms’ Night Out this past summer during filming. What I saw were humble, hard working, family folk that were doing a job they enjoy, with great joy! I have met a few personally and each was gracious and quite ordinary—in the best of ways!

I am a Moms’ Night Out fan of epic proportions—but not because of the typical fascination with Hollywood types.

Here’s what you must know: The movie Moms’ Night Out is most unique in what it brings to the screen. Moms’ Night Out is a rip-roaring fun comedy that left me nodding and laughing continuously . . . I’m talking snort-laughing! All this revelry and laughter is wrapped around a true-to-life messy mom-life, peppered with a brilliant depiction of the daily feelings moms have of “not measuring up” and the paralyzing feeling of being woefully under qualified and completely overwhelmed.

The Moms’ Night Out cast seemed to grasp the importance of the movie they were making, no doubt due to the contagious enthusiasm and heartfelt meaning the directors brought to the making of the movie. The Erwin brothers’ utmost desire in Moms’ Night Out is to honor the high calling of motherhood and the plot lines honor moms (and fathers and family) in fantastical ways. But more than that, through their expertly woven themes of God’s grace and Jesus’ love . . . in the end, they manage to leave an engaged audience wanting to know more about Jesus. (Watch for an especially brilliant scene with Trace Atkins and Sarah Drew.)

Truly, as a woman who has invested two decades in ministry to moms, Moms’ Night Out is the movie I would have made had I been asked. This is why I am in awe of God allowing me to get that phone call in February where I was asked to write a LifeWay Bible Study to accompany the movie. Only God could make that happen.

Here’s the crazier thing . . . I have been invited to the Hollywood premiere of Moms’ Night Out. Say what? Little southern girl? I actually am leaving at home my cowboy boots and blue jeans, donning a spiffy dress, clinging tightly to my handsome husband’s arm and being a smiling all over myself, soak it all in guest for all the festivities!

This little southern lady is hoping not be star struck, but be the encourager God has made me to be and let those involved with Moms’ Night Out know that the moms of the world are excited and grateful for their hard work!

And I plan to let this little light of mine shine all over Hollywood—watch out wait staff, bell hops, Hollywood types, and anyone else Jesus puts in my path!

I don’t quite understand how it happened . . . but God made it happen, so I am going to soak it all up, be bold and get lotsa pictures so I can share all the fun with you! #momstakehollywood #momsnightout

It will be fun . . . but for me, I hope you know . . . it’s all about Jesus!

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