‘A Beautiful Mess’ Launch | Pine Cove Giveaway


Exciting things have been happening around the Eyster household. My son is graduating this year; my daughter is getting married. Things are changing—and it’s exciting! On top of all of this, my redesigned website launched this month and the book I co-wrote with Sherry Surratt, Beautiful Mess, released in conjunction with the release of the fab movie Moms’ Night Out (which you NEED to see if you haven’t yet)!

Will you help me celebrate?!

To kick things off, I’m giving away TWO week-long camp scholarships to Pine CoveYes, you read that right:

  • Youth Camp (weeks two, five, or ten have openings) (Summer 2014)
  • Camp in The City—for the city nearest you! (Summer 2014)


Now . . . here is what you HAVE to know . . . Pine Cove is an AMAZING Christian camp in Tyler, Texas, and your kid getting to go there would be epic—beyond epic . . . it will be life changing!  Pine Cove is fun, fun, fun, but it also transforms people for God’s purposes and His glory! I have seen it firsthand!

Oh, moms . . . this is a HUGE blessing that Pine Cove would allow me to give these away to YOU my readers!

To enter, CLICK HERE! I’ll announce the winner on my blog June 9! (Only those in the U.S. are eligible to win.)

And remember, if YOU want to check out Pine Cove yourself, join 400+ other moms in April 2015 for MomLife Boot Camp!



  1. says

    It certainly is a change of season in the Eyster household. I feel certain you find new ways to fill your time as your chicks leave the nest. Congratulations on that graduation and wedding.

  2. hannah henry says

    OH MY GOSH, I am sooooooo excited to find out who wins the pine cove giveaway!!! I want to go sooooo bad!!!

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