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The big launch of Beautiful Mess is here, and I couldn’t be more excited to see what God is going to do in the hearts of moms through this wonderful Bible Study written just for moms . . . by moms.

The entire team at LifeWay that worked hard to get Beautiful Mess into your hands this spring was a joy to work with, and we all really enjoyed the process. It is out belief that God does seem to be up to something big through Beautiful Mess.

For me the writing part was an amazing time of Holy Spirit prompting and some serious abiding that led to me hearing God’s voice in big ways.

If you want to learn a bit more about the study I hope you will listen to my FamilyLife Today radio broadcasts where you can hear from my co-author, Sherry Surratt, and me as we talk about the study and our own momlives! I think you will be encouraged if you listen!  (Sherry is the President of MOPS, and I so respect her work and all MOPS does to reach out to moms of young ones!)

Here are the programs:

Pssst . . . if you decide to gather a group to go through Beautiful Mess, please let me hear from you and let’s see if we can work out me joining you by Skype sometime!



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  1. Salina says

    Hi, I have gathered two other busy moms to do this study with and I’ve really enjoyed it! But we have had trouble getting to the clips from the movie. We follow the instructions on the book but have not been able to get the clips to come up. My only question is, we normally use a mobile device, are the clips not capable of playing if it is not a computer?

    • Tracey says

      Hey Salina – I am not quite sure what the answer to that question is and I sure am sorry! That must be more than frustrating! I am guessing you are right that it’s due to your use of a mobile device. Your best bet is probably to contact LifeWay directly since they are the ones who set up the pages for use of the video clips! Forgive me for not answering you sooner! I was doing a bunch of traveling in February! Can you give me an update of how the study worked out for you and your friends? Blessing and big hugs to you ~ Tracey

  2. Kim says

    I will be leading this study for a group of moms at my church. The link at Lifeway to show video clips still doesn’t work, and I contacted them almost a week ago with no response. Our group owns a copy of the movie. Is there any way you could tell me what scenes go with each week’s lesson, so we can just show the scenes via DVD? Thank you!! I did the study a year ago and am excited to share it with other moms!

      • says

        Hey gir! Glad you got it figured out! I have been traveling, that’s why I did not get back to you sooner! I hope and pray all goes well with your Beautiful Mess study! What an amazing blessing to know you are investing time in your fellow moms! I just prayed for you and the moms you will be pouring into! Go God! Blessings and hugs to you!

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