Fear of Friendship


Friendship can be hard. The knowing and the being known by another human being requires such bravery and vulnerability.

Remember when we were little ones and there was no fear attached to friendship. We simply embraced and curiously explored friendship—always giving our best and believing the best.

Then with years and experiences came the doubts. Doubts about her . . . doubts about me.

It is so hard to believe the possibility of the knowing when you fear knowing may reveal the worst. The knowing reveals my uglies. My uglies lead to rejection. It is easier to just avoid the knowing all together.


Not knowing is safer.

Less risk.

No pain.


Remember the garden?

After the hissing.

Adam and Eve.



The lie of the enemy led to isolation.

Don’t believe the lie.

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  1. Christie says

    I have a hard time making friends, because as you say it’s being open and vulnerable. I’m also an introvert who enjoys just being in my home; however, this effects my daughter, who wants to make friends. She’s four years old, and I have a hard time taking her to the park to play because I’d rather stay home avoiding everyone. It’s also hard for me because I don’t want my daughter to get hurt by the unknowns which are my own fears.
    I want to thank you for all you are doing. I’m working on breaking out of my comfort zone and meet new people. I’ve joined a church near my home, and I hear God talking to my heart to join the communities within the church.
    I’ve been praying and asking God for confidence.
    Thank you.
    Christie K.

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