Hollywood Sexist ‘Moms’ Night Out’ Fail!


It is no secret that I am a big fan of the movie Moms’ Night Out.  I am a fan mainly because the movie depicts the reality of what it is like to be a mom who is intentionally engaged in motherhood.  I am also a fan of Moms’ Night Out because a group of moms rally around a single mom to support and encourage her.

Moms’ Night Out resonates with moms—they are telling me that by the hundreds, and I am seeing proof of that all over social media! Moms are feeling affirmed and are being reminded that what they do in their momlife is important! Hopefully through the message of the movie  they are also learning to cut themselves some slack . . . and laugh a little more too!

Imagine my dismay (and that is putting it lightly) upon reading that some critics are squawking about the movie being sexist {insert eye roll here}. Can I just scream?  Put me in a room with the critics and let me tell them what this woman who has done life with moms for two decades knows about real momlife. I can show them binders full of letters we get at MomLife Today from moms; I can share conversations I’ve had with moms at MomLife Boot Camp the past three years or reveal stories of those who have opened up at speaking engagements.

These nay-sayer critics have it all wrong.

Here’s the truth and what I have to say… Moms’ Night Out is a romping comedy that allows moms to laugh at our outrageous selves coupled with raw emotion that seizes the mom-heart and reminds us that giving ourselves away for the sake of our children is worth it!

Better yet, instead of putting the critics in a room with me . . . let’s put them in the home of a mom, being a mom, for a week.

The Christian faith teaches that we are to lay down our lives for another . . . Where better to practice this truth, than with our own children?!


As for me, I absolutely love being a mom. Every wonderful, awful, beautiful, messy moment of motherhood does not go to waste.  It all has purpose in God’s plan. Life is about so much more than self wants, self needs, self desires.

The thing these Hollywood peeps don’t get is that in real America, millions of moms do momlife as a priority every day—no matter what their responsibilities are, they still prioritize being a mom and parenting their children.

And guess what, critics? We do that because we CHOOSE to . . . gladly.

There are moms who set self interests aside and serve the needs of their children and family without feeling put-upon, and that is not sexist, it is selfless.

As a matter of fact you are reading the words of one. I hope Hollywood critics meet many more moms like me and that they will stop trying to speak for us . . . because THAT is sexist!  {dislike}

Now . . . back to my beautiful mess where I am PERFECTLY PLEASED TO BE!

A request from me

MOMS UNITE! Mess with me, and I can deal with that. Mess with my friend, and I will fight back. Moms, let’s fight back. The makers of Moms’ Night Out (including the actress Patricia Heaton) made this movie for YOU. Show them your support. Talk about Moms’ Night Out in social media, go see Moms’ Night Out, gets lots of people to go see it. Let’s show the critics that when you mess with one of us . . . you mess with ALL of us!

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