I Don’t Want To Go To Church


It was pouring down rain and I did not want to go to church. I mean hey, we can watch church online now. Why in the world would we slosh through rain and distant parking lots, arrive cold, wet and soggy to hear a sermon we could hear cuddled on the couch while sipping something warm?

The worship center was sparse, and I internally snickered and thought, I was not the only one with the whole “warm snuggled up on the couch” idea this morning. I need a do-over; I need my slippers and blanket.

As the music started my heart lifted, and I was infused with an extra measure of joy. I do so enjoy worship music.

As I sang, suddenly a word, one little word, seized my heart and I found myself weeping.

“Then He shall come with trumpets sound. Oh, may I then in Him be found. Dressed in His righteousness alone, faultless stand before the Throne.”

Faultless—perfect, flawless, spotless, impeccable, immaculate, correct, ideal unflawed, unfaultable.

I am SO not those words.

But God sees me that way. How can that be?


It was as if my heart felt the weight of the truth of what Jesus did for me. Not even what He did for the world, but for me.


No words.

Breathing in God’s grace helps me to know that in spite of the fact that I am so very full of fault . . . He sees me faultless.

Oh how my heart wishes to know how to help those who are kept away from church (by more than a downpour) to know that Christ followers are full, I mean really FULL, of fault.

This is what I have been thinking about all week. Interesting that if I had gotten my do-over, I would have missed it.

How do you show God’s love to others in a way that helps them see it is not you who is faultless?

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