Best Marriage Advice Ever

Wait for it, it’s coming…keep reading.

My daughter just got married.

As in last weekend.

She has a new name.

Here’s the thing – I love her husband…already. Because I know him so well, I have known him for over 21 years. Even though we met in person two years ago.

When you pray for someone for 21 years you just know them – the Holy Spirit does that.

Mom’s, pray for your child’s future spouse. It matters.

I have spent much of this week alone, at the farm, just taking God in and seeking His presence and pleasure.

There have been long into the night conversations with God.

Long solitary walks, conversations with the horses, the dog, some chickens and even some lazy turtles. God painted sun rises and sun sets “just for me” … peace and tranquility.

Here is what I know…this world is not my home and in many ways I am conforming to the patterns of this world.

How did I let that happen?

Are you letting that happen?

When young couples get married they have a tendency to ask older couples for some practical advice. I now know what mine will be.

Two words.

One handful.


And I will send them to read what the wisest human who ever lived had to say about the world.

One Handful


  1. Lucy says

    Thank you for sharing! A sister at church had given me that advice before, to pray fir my children’s future spouses. But I was like really? N she said yes remember that God was, is , n will forever be!!! Then all of a sudden it hit me ;)) God bless you

  2. Aaron says

    Thanks for the thoughts, good wisdom even apart from Marriage (career driveness in particular) but the reference is Ecclesiastes 4:6, not 4:1 🙂

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