Keep It Simple


Sunday afternoon was peace and quiet loveliness for me.

After weeks of rain we had a beautiful day of clear skies and sunshine. I went out back to just spend some time alone doing nothing. Suddenly I found myself taking off my shoes and socks rolling my jeans up to my knees and laying down on the grass. I experienced an overwhelming desire to just feel the ground beneath me, relax and soak up the sun’s warmth. I did absolutely nothing but lay there for a good two hours.

In the process of doing absolutely nothing my head filled with thoughts of my childhood…looking for cloud shapes in the sky, creating necklaces with clover flowers, the smell of fresh cut grass, raking new fallen leaves and even playing hide and go seek with my siblings.

As I reflect on my day Sunday I find it telling that when experiencing an afternoon alone my desire was to keep it uncomplicated, and in the process my thoughts drifted to my childhood. Could it be that the carefree days of childhood were jarred by the simplicity of how I chose to spend those two hours?

Today’s world beckons us to stay connected through cell phones, computers, television, i-pods…and on and on. When was the last time you allowed yourself to be connected to your back yard and a couple hours of uncomplicated stillness?

I highly recommend you make time to connect with “simple” and see just where it takes you!


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    The Lord commands rest so often, for people, animals, lands, traditions…it’s very important to Him! & He gets excited when the people obey it big time… This tells me, there’s a big reason God needs us to shut down COMPLETELY, dedicated, & obediently for our own good to be our best for Him & our families. I still can’t seem to even rest 5 min in the stillness of God. I’ve been praying since Jan. my walking helps…. But there’s so much more needed!

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