Momlife is TOO hard!

I have been remembering those days throughout my momlife where I wanted to escape. Where my biggest dream was the “mom fairy” bursting through my door and saying, “You are such a great mom, you deserve a break…I am going to wave my wand and send you on a two day vacation…where would you like to go?”

Never happened.

Being a mom is hard – it’s a daily assault on self.

Being a mom is important – it’s a daily opportunity to pour into the life of your children and be molded by God through the process. That daily assault on self – is actually a benefit of motherhood.

Oh yeah it is.

A mom gives life through the birth of her child and molds life through the love and attention she provides her child.

A happy baby is a baby who is held, nurtured and loved daily by his mother.  A toddler learns her place in the world and how she will be received by the world based largely on how she is taught daily interpersonal skills by her mother.  If you want to see a child’s face light up, watch his face when his mom walks into the room and she calls out his name!  The bond between mother and child is undeniable—if you want the very best for your child…that very best would be you.

Yes, the tasks of momlife can be laborious, but the connecting with your child is truly a gift and the most important part of the momlife satisfaction equation.  More importantly, you pouring into your child daily gives your child what they were born to receive—your influence.  Rather than view momlife as too hard, I force myself to shift perspectives.

As a mom I have the blessing of raising my children, helping them to grow and mature into what God has for their future.  I am supposed to be an engaged and teaching mother; am I going to blow the opportunity by focusing on how hard it is?

Honestly, sometimes yes. But when I do…my attitude stinks.

What I have come to, time after time, is that me being a mom of children and all that goes with that is a good thing.  And when you pull back to view the whole of your life and look at the big picture, it’s just a season of your life.  A season that while in the midst of it may seem like an eternity but in actuality is very brief.

So yeah…momlife is too hard! You gotta be a tough chick to be a devoted mom.  And hey, I have always been up for a challenge and my kids are worth it!

Can I get an amen?

How do you keep the daily frustration from getting to you as you Be The Mom?


    • Tracey says

      So blessed that God gave you the encouragement you needed through my post…at just the right time! Blessings to you! Tracey

  1. says

    Sometimes I hide in my closet.

    Sad, but true. I love being the mom! I just wrote a blog for our MomLifeToday about it, but there are times, like last night when Rachel screamed and kicked the wall until past 11:30, that I wished I were on the beach. So, I sat in the closet and spent some time pondering my need to stay close to the Lord. He is where I get my strength. But even in the closet times, I know there is nothing I would rather be doing.

    I had to fill out a form the other day that asked the question, “What would you do if you could do anything and didn’t have to worry about courage or time to do it?” I almost left it blank because I thought, “Why would I do something else?”


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