Hollywood Sexist ‘Moms’ Night Out’ Fail!

It is no secret that I am a big fan of the movie Moms' Night Out.  I am a fan mainly because the movie depicts the reality of what it is like to be a mom who is intentionally engaged in motherhood.  I am also a fan of Moms' Night Out because a group of moms rally around a single mom to support and encourage her. Moms' Night Out resonates with moms—they are telling me that by the hundreds, and I am seeing proof of that all over social media! … [Read more...]

Meeting the Stars at the ‘Moms’ Night Out’ Premiere

Robert Amaya has been a joy every time I have hung out with him, and this time I got to meet his beautiful and gracious wife! Robert always encourages me! He is warm, kind and others focused—you just want him to be your friend! Patricia Heaton was radiant and soft, bright-eyed, and had a lively engaging confidence and—daggum—she is gorgeous! I thanked her for making the movie and expressed the importance of it for moms, and she received my … [Read more...]

Social Media Conundrum

For eight years my immersion in social media has been blessed by relationships made, encouragement shared and received, as well knowledge gained. I am grateful for every conversation, tear, grin and giggle I have shared with others. However, there is a constant “tyranny of the urgent” that comes with social media immersion that has become a heavy burden. Dogged engagement in daily on-line conversation can be its greatest reward, but for me, … [Read more...]

Fortune Cookie Predicts Doom

Building relationship with your kids makes for great fun together when they are teens. I don't get people when they talk about how awful the teen years are because although those years have challenges my experience has been they are the opposite of awful. When you have come alongside  your kids consistently, taught them the truth of who God is, who the enemy of God is and how they walk through life with a target on their back the teen years … [Read more...]

Your Phone Or Your Children?

I have written about the subject of spending intentional time with your kids for over five years. Of recognizing that every moment counts and your children are like little sponges and will soak up what they see and hear in eagerly magnificent ways. I am happy that finally more and more moms are recognizing and admitting to the "drift" towards isolation that is running dangerously rampant in our world...and in our homes. I nearly cried (I … [Read more...]

Ugly No Haired Baby Lie

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse...it did. Way worse. In recent years I have become increasingly frustrated over society's desire to grow our children up too quickly. We want our six year olds to look like they are twelve, we want our twelve year olds to look like they are eighteen. What is it with this overwhelming trend to push  kids towards looking and acting older than they really are. I do not get it. It concerns me … [Read more...]

Friendly Greeting Vlog

Hey Friends - Although it might not be a "best practice" as far as my SEO is concerned to post vlogs instead of writing blog posts, I don't give a rip! Forgive me for being a bit blunt...but I hope you all realize by now this website is not about best practices it is about me sharing my heart and speaking to yours, on what matters, in ways that help me, and you, manage our time so we can make the main thing...the main thing! (amazing run on … [Read more...]

Be The Mom E-Book Sale!

  Wow - this is way cool! I was just informed that Focus on the Family is selling the ebook version of Be The Mom for only $1.99 if you order through their site! Just go to Be The Mom Sale and type in the code 406925 at check out! Just last night I received yet another email from a mom who said Be The Mom is making a "real" difference in her daily momlife! God is able...that's for sure! I continue to be in awe over what God is … [Read more...]

Busy Busy May

I am blessed. I am busy, but I am blessed and I share all about that as a guest post contributor over at Family Matters today! When my heart to speak into the lives of moms to encourage them allows me to share life regularly through the ministry of others I am in awe of how big God is! And truly amazed at how He opens doors that leave me humbled and grateful. Today I am sharing over at Family Matters and I hope you join me … [Read more...]

A Different Kind of Bully

No one wants their child to be a bully! And when we think of a "bully" we all have a picture in our head of what that looks and sounds like. But there is another, more quiet, subtle form of being a bully - and it may be something you have not yet thought of discussing with your children. Join me over at MomLife Today and learn more about the "other" kind of bully that could be a part of your child's life. … [Read more...]