Mom Lousy Day Turnaround Tip

As is my habit I spent time this morning praising my Father in Heaven. The beauty of modern technology...and spodify. As I lingered in melodic truth I became overwhelmed with gratitude of who God is, who my Savior is and how I am blessed to approach each day with hope because of my relationship with the great I Am. It is mind boggling really. This morning I was being led in worship by Matt Redman. We sang great truths together that … [Read more...]

Teen Parenting Tips!

Hey Friends!!! Do you have tweens or teens? Maybe friends with those hormone filled, independence figuring out amazing, exciting young people? If you don't ... you will! Check out this quick set of tips that will help you navigate the stormy seas experienced in teendom and guide you towards  peaceful waters! Join me over at MomLife Today for 10 Timely Tips on Raising Teens!   … [Read more...]

Got Bullies? Got Answers!

My kids have dealt with their share of bullies, popular peeps, status jockeying that leads to drama, drama, drama. On each occasion I have been adamant that status is not important, but people and relationships are what matters. I let my kids know they need to be far more interested in who in the room is alone and their need to reach out than to be concerned with where they land in the pecking order. I admit it - I have zero tolerance for … [Read more...]

Don’t Be A Hater!

I make mistakes constantly. I mess up. I let my “uglies” show. I let people down. I fail to meet expectations. I puff up. Sometimes that makes me want to seal myself off from the world to save others from me. I’ve been reading Psalms and David’s words seem less like little black marks on a page and more like a mirror. I am mindful of my constant need to seek forgiveness...and give it. God is so good to forgive. People...not so … [Read more...]

Life Comes First

Lately I have been doing some serious full life living! So much so that it seems daily post writing has gotten away from me. When there are only so many hours in a day and I have to choose between writing a blog post and living my wins out every time! And I am most grateful for the full life I am living so I wouldn't want to change a thing! I do feel like I have come to a major crossroads where I have decided to try something … [Read more...]

College Visit, Random Observations

This past weekend was Family Weekend at my daughter’s university. Her father, brother and I happily attended this annual event and were eager to spend time together as a family to recapture some of the mojo we miss on a daily basis. Oh was glorious. The missing element to our family dynamics returned, that sweet, sometime snarky, always genuine, rapport was back and somehow turned up a notch because our girl has a unique relationship … [Read more...]

Mom Waste Of Time

Throughout my life keeping busy and being productive with my time has been a welcomed trait, one that has served me well. It is almost as if I have this little “I am wasting time here” meter going off in my head at any given moment and thus I strive hard not to be unproductive.  Do you feel me here? Are you nodding in agreement? Let us continue our back patting of our profound ability to accomplish!  Yay us! As a born “organizer” have you too … [Read more...]

Don’t Shoot The Mom Messenger

Don’t you just love it when you follow a link to a post and discover God brought you there for His purposes? Last night I read a sweet moms thoughts and weighed what she had to say, considered how it applied me, (and others) understanding that she obviously felt convicted on the issue and led to share with those who read her blog. You see, she has a relationship with those who read her blog. She knows them, they know her – there is heart … [Read more...]