I am Thankful for Laughter

THANKFUL THURSDAYOne of my favorite childhood memories of my Dad is of him laughing hysterically. I was very young, but I remember certain evenings when I wanted to be in the TV room to just be with and watch my Dad as he laughed.I talked with him about this recently and what we realized is that it was when he used to sit and watch Red Skelton. I do vaguely remember Red Skelton...but he was not why I was in the TV room...my father's laughter is … [Read more...]

Quiet Reflections

Everyone is in bed...I was too, but couldn't sleep. I came out to the family room and just sat. I wondered to myself, "Self, why are you sitting here when you have to be somewhere at 7:45 in the morning?" I continued to sit. Then little snip-its of my day started running through my mind: I remembered hubby playfully teasing me this morning and laughing as I stumbled through the kitchen half asleep, but determined to make school lunches … [Read more...]

I am Thankful for Creation

THANKFUL THURSDAY In a world where we often fail to stop and think about gratitude and thankfulness I am declaring Thursday as my day to pick something I am thankful for and declare God's goodness right here in type. It might be a really big blessing or a simple thing...let's face it, there is so much to be thankful for...the possibilities are endless. I am thankful for the beauty and peace I find in God's creation...there is nothing I … [Read more...]

Lesson From a Horse

This morning I went out to let the horses out of the corral. One of them had somehow gotten into the small fenced off area where we keep our riding lawn mower, 4-wheeler, etc., etc. I just sort of stood there looking at Honey and thinking...are you daft? What is in here that you could possibly want? Then I realized it - grass, albeit a tiny amount of grass. So, this morning Tracey learned that it is true...horses DO think the grass is greener … [Read more...]


I just heard the coolest thing on Air 1 radio! Lou Gramm the lead singer for Foreigner found Jesus some 18 years ago while on his knees in a hotel room after performing at Madison Square Garden. He's been clean and sober since that time and now lives his life to glorify God. That's amazingly cool, right? Well, it gets better than that...now when in concert and he sings the song, "I Want to Know What Love Is" he now sings the words, "Now … [Read more...]

I Remember

Friend Friday... I had just dropped my daughter off at elementary school. My toddler son was finishing up breakfast and I was gathering up the "stuff" I needed for the opening day of Women's Bible Study at my church. The phone rang and my mom asked in a shaky voice, "Do you have the television on?" I didn't, I usually don't. As I walked toward the remote control lying on my green suede couch the next words I heard her say sort of lingered … [Read more...]