Fear Not

I have never considered myself a fearful person. Why then have I been wrestling with fear when the Bible consistently tells us not to...ggggrrrr. Actually wrestling might be the wrong description, wrestling would require movement on my part. I have not been wrestling with fear - I have been paralyzed with fear. Join me over at MomLife Today where I attempt to get moving and admit to Battling Fear ! … [Read more...]

Mom Missing In Action

Today is a fantastical, amazing, unbelievable day in the life of this "mom first" yet ministry minded mom! The new MomLife Today was finally launched today. It has been a long time coming. My mornings have been filled with extended time with the Lord to make it through the last several weeks. Various personal matters have demanded lots of attention and every morsel of time I have had to spend towards ministry has been poured into furthering … [Read more...]

Social Media Sucks

The humility right out of me. When I use social media to encourage and connect it is grand. When I use social media to juke and jive and work hard to “get noticed” and hustle to make people find me or “like” me it sucks the humility right out of me and reveals my sinfulness. The pattern of this social media world is to see and be seen, have others hashtag you, quote you, friend you, follow you, notice you, tell others about … [Read more...]

The Hymn That Soothes

I am sure, much like me, you are searching for words today. For me, as I grappled with what I was seeing yesterday, the most soothing words were found in an old hymn. Join me over at MomLife Today where I share my thoughts regarding Moore, Oklahoma. More importantly - join me in prayer for the families affected, as well as those who are working tirelessly to serve.   … [Read more...]

Teen To Tattoo Or Not To Tattoo

I have had a few parents ask me my opinion on whether or not their child should get a tattoo. Of course I suggest seeking God’s desire, but I too know the value in gathering intel from other God seeking people when decision making - as God uses that to communicate with us too! “Mom and Dad, I want a tattoo” drifted out of the soft spoken lips of our then eighteen year old daughter who was a Senior in High School. Our first reaction was not … [Read more...]

Happily Unqualified

Through the ages God has used the unqualified for His purposes in the lives of others. The Bible is filled with people called by God who immediately go to, “Who me?” coupled with eyebrows up and “you gotta be kidding me” thoughts running through their heads. Why is it that when we read God’s word we are easily shocked that those called questioned their calling - Noah, Moses, Rahab, Mary, Peter, Paul. We read that the maker of heaven and earth … [Read more...]

Mom Lousy Day Turnaround Tip

As is my habit I spent time this morning praising my Father in Heaven. The beauty of modern technology...and spodify. As I lingered in melodic truth I became overwhelmed with gratitude of who God is, who my Savior is and how I am blessed to approach each day with hope because of my relationship with the great I Am. It is mind boggling really. This morning I was being led in worship by Matt Redman. We sang great truths together that … [Read more...]