Praying for Discipline

Last month I was asked to be a part of the 31 Days of Prayer over at Family Matters Blog and I was blessed and happy to be a part of their prayer focus. Prayer is so very important moms. Several months ago over at MomLife Today we began sharing daily Mom Prayers and to date, that seems to be one of the moms favorite offerings we provide to them. Oh, how necessary it is to pray for our precious children. I found it most interesting that … [Read more...]

Why I Quit!

I had a plan. I had it all figured out. I knew what I wanted. And I was going for it. That is five I’s. Things are not going as planned. Disappointment. Again. Why? Can you relate? I know you can – because this scenario has repeated itself over and over in my life and no doubt the same is true for you. And then...this morning, I listened to Misty Edwards sing Finally I Surrender.  “All I want is you to have your … [Read more...]

One Word

For the past few years I have been choosing "one word365" or  "my one word" to focus on each year - if you didn't know this is a running trend. My amazing friend Melanie over at Only A Breath made me (and will make you) a button if you would like to choose your "one word" as well! I must say the interesting thing in this process has been how God will provide the word if you are prayerful... and quiet long enough to hear it. And interestingly … [Read more...]

Broken Boy Hope

(Friends, I wrote this post over CHRISTmas, but because I had made the choice not to blog over the break it has been sitting in my computer...but I feel compelled to share it as I feel someone needs the assurance of the encouragement it provides. And I really want to know the answer to the question I pose at the end!) I am sitting in a hospital recovery room, eyes affixed on my sixteen year old son who is recovering from surgery. I sit here … [Read more...]

Yes…it matters!

How was your CHRISTmas family time? Amazing I hope! As you may have noticed I was no where to be found on the internet! I just didn't have a peace about spending time with my face in front of a computer when there were so many faces available to be spending time with right here in my own home and those we visited. Take no offense please - my time spent connecting with you is presh - but sometimes ya just gotta Be The Mom! I hope you have come … [Read more...]

Are You A Living Nativity?

Decorating for, green, gold, silver, sparkles, lights. And the nativity. Whether your nativity is made of porcelin or is the story of CHRISTmas that reminds us each year that our December is about far more than twinkling, gift giving and memory making. Join me over at MomLife Today where I reflect on my thoughts about the nativity... … [Read more...]

It Is Not My Fault – Big Fat Liar

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. I have heard that little mantra my whole life and have seen the cute photos of people (and monkeys) with their hands over their eyes, ears and mouth – I always thought that was a great word picture. Psalm 101 points out this truth and goes one further, reminding us to protect our hearts as well and avoid the evil of pride. So often in life we can get caught up in the “evil moment” and find our … [Read more...]

Dizzy Mom Exhaustion Phenom

For well over a year I have spent much time trying to determine direction and purpose. Honestly I think that’s something we all do on a continuum, but the tricky part is remaining true to who God has called you to be and living with contentment as you seek. I have to say it is way awesome when I can hear God above all the noise. When I am paying attention He keeps me ever humble if my thoughts and words get me into trouble as I am seeking and … [Read more...]


At times like these...words do not suffice. As I see others hurting and in pain, with loss and suffering, prayer is where I am compelled to go. And I do long a bit more for Heaven.   … [Read more...]