Life Comes First

Lately I have been doing some serious full life living! So much so that it seems daily post writing has gotten away from me. When there are only so many hours in a day and I have to choose between writing a blog post and living my wins out every time! And I am most grateful for the full life I am living so I wouldn't want to change a thing! I do feel like I have come to a major crossroads where I have decided to try something … [Read more...]

College Visit, Random Observations

This past weekend was Family Weekend at my daughter’s university. Her father, brother and I happily attended this annual event and were eager to spend time together as a family to recapture some of the mojo we miss on a daily basis. Oh was glorious. The missing element to our family dynamics returned, that sweet, sometime snarky, always genuine, rapport was back and somehow turned up a notch because our girl has a unique relationship … [Read more...]

MOB’s, Listen Up!

That little boy of mine, the one that used to beat on the front the door with his tiny little palm and chant, “outside, outside, outside” – yeah that one, he is over six feet tall now. The little dimples that have always winked at me when he smiles, still do. Somehow because he is headed towards manhood, they are even more adorable now than they used to be.  Perched up there above the scraggly beard. One day last week, with his green eyes … [Read more...]

Why I Quit!

I had a plan. I had it all figured out. I knew what I wanted. And I was going for it. That is five I’s. Things are not going as planned. Disappointment. Again. Why? Can you relate? I know you can – because this scenario has repeated itself over and over in my life and no doubt the same is true for you. And then...this morning, I listened to Misty Edwards sing Finally I Surrender.  “All I want is you to have your … [Read more...]

Granny’s Legacy

My Grandmother died, she is being buried today. She was my Daddy's mama. My Daddy has three brothers and a sister. When they were all in the home they worked on the farm, as dirt poor sharecroppers who worked hard, loved well and had a simple, yet special life. I love hearing the old stories. My Daddy's Daddy died some forty years ago and my Daddy's mama was really special to the family. She was 97 years old...and precious. When she … [Read more...]

Mom Talk…Talk…Talk!

Guilty. Sometimes in my efforts to "reach and teach" my children - I doth drone on far too lengthy. {british accent included} So much so that recently I heard about it from my sweet son ...My teen son and I had just gone to see a movie together and on the drive home, he suddenly giggled, shook his head and uttered, “Mom, you talk too much.” Ouch. Actually, double ouch because I distinctly remember my teen daughter saying the same thing … [Read more...]

For Men Only, Sort Of

If you are like me you are sort of the "gate keeper" in your home. Actually, it's a well known fact by all marketers that you and I are the one's who generally decide what is coming into our home, what our families are going to participate in, purchase, attend, visit, etc. (Assuming you are a chick - if you are one of the few dudes who read my blog - you need to keep reading too, this really is for YOU!) You get the idea ladies, actually … [Read more...]

Are You A Living Nativity?

Decorating for, green, gold, silver, sparkles, lights. And the nativity. Whether your nativity is made of porcelin or is the story of CHRISTmas that reminds us each year that our December is about far more than twinkling, gift giving and memory making. Join me over at MomLife Today where I reflect on my thoughts about the nativity... … [Read more...]

CHRISTmas break!

Remember when you were in school and you always wished Thanksgiving Break would mark the end of the school year? Who the heck wants to go back to school and try to concentrate during the month of December when all you can think about is CHRISTmas break! I mean really...who made the school day calendar anyway. NOT ME!!! BUT I do make the BLOGDAY calendar. And mine says...spend time with your family and encourage all those other … [Read more...]