Lesson From a Horse

This morning I went out to let the horses out of the corral. One of them had somehow gotten into the small fenced off area where we keep our riding lawn mower, 4-wheeler, etc., etc. I just sort of stood there looking at Honey and thinking...are you daft? What is in here that you could possibly want? Then I realized it - grass, albeit a tiny amount of grass. So, this morning Tracey learned that it is true...horses DO think the grass is greener … [Read more...]

Ya gotta start somewhere

For over a year I have been managing, editing and writing for a momblog that has seven contributors; I am now finally taking the plunge to write a personal blog. Sometimes a girl just has more to say! I have a tendency to be very random - so who knows what you might find here! Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to doing life out loud with you! … [Read more...]