Family Time

Hey friends, last week we were on a family vacation and during this week of Thanksgiving I am going to continue to stay away from blogging and social media to invest in relationship with those around me. I am filled with a heart of gratitude and praising my Savior. I hope you too are savoring the flavors of food and fellowship! Many blessings to you.   … [Read more...]

Heart Attack Mom?

Are there days where you suffer from heart attack? When your attitudes and actions turn to self, rather than God and others? *heavy sigh* I admit, it happens to me. A prayer I have prayed since I was a child, when compared to the condition of my heart on some days recently gave me clear understanding of right thinking vs. wrong thinking. Join me over at MomLife Today and learn more about my heart attack condition. … [Read more...]

Sacrifice & Homecoming Ignored!

I am sitting in an airport…crying. While the world around me continues to turn and people scurry. The escalators before me carry travelers, many, many travelers.  Face after face coming down the escalator appears weary and laden down with heavy loads – and not just in their arms. Just moments ago I watched a woman of 40 something bounce up and down and squeal in excitement, there on the down escalator was a younger version of her … [Read more...]

Guaranteed Family Memories!

What if I could tell you THE secret to making STELLAR family memories? I am talking sure fire, 100% guaranteed family bonding and memory making that will draw your family closer together in a big way! It will take some planning and work on your part, but I promise it will be worth it. I am not alone in this method, I have witnessed it over and over in many, many families and it works! It really works! OK, that's it, that's all you … [Read more...]

Wanna See This Moms Messy Room?

My bedroom is a disaster area. There.  I.  Said.  It. Out loud. Yes, that is a photo of the Eyster master bedroom- in all its glory. (Or unglory!) As you can see my bedroom has become the dumping ground. You can't see what's at my feet -  the two baskets of "this and that" or the stack of books or piles of clothes. And no I'm not sure why there is a bike in my bedroom. And yes, I know the many reasons why my bedroom should not look … [Read more...]

Driving At Age Ten! What?

I am absolutely at a loss for words {well, not really-since I am writing about it} that parents would allow their ten year old to drive! Has the world gone mad? I still cannot quite figure out how it happened. I mean heck, they can barely see over the steering wheel. I think some of them have got to be using booster seats while driving. They look so grown up sitting behind that wheel. It is so cute! Their parents are so proud too, taking … [Read more...]

West Nile Virus Attack

Hey Friends, My husband is crazy sick with West Nile Virus – this stuff is awful!  I won’t be around this week.  I am taking care of my man! I had to drop by though just to tell you to WEAR BUG SPRAY and put it on all the members of your family.  I know the chance of getting West Nile Virus is slim...but trust me you do not want anyone you love to get it. My husband is a big o tough guy and this has knocked him flat for a week! I am … [Read more...]

Messy Kid Doomed To Episode Of Hoarders

  When she became a tween and through her teen years my daughter’s room was the safest room in our home. The very room we should hide all of our valuables in, for if our home was ever broken into even the thief would be so overwhelmed upon entrance to her room he would have shuddered and made a fast retreat to a more organized part of the home. What the heck happened to my “clean up, clean up...everybody, everywhere...clean up, clean … [Read more...]

Random MOMents – Summer Memory Gratitude Edition

Well, summertime is officially over. And that got me to thinking about summer and lots of sweet memories began tumbling through my head - which led to me feeling immeasurably grateful. Which led to this list of Random MOMents I am grateful for from this summer: witnessing selflessness in college students the warmth of sunshine the warmth of sonshine chocolate lava cake making new friends cooling breezes giggles of little … [Read more...]

Doing Laundry For Fun!

In Be The Mom I talk about doing chores together as a family and trying to make even chores an opportunity to bond and build relational equity with your children.  I suggest that it is wise to make doing things around the house more about the relationship and character building and less about perfect chore completion.  With repetition and effort there is continuous improvement in children. I know sometimes it is tough moms cause we could get … [Read more...]