Fear of Friendship

Friendship can be hard. The knowing and the being known by another human being requires such bravery and vulnerability. Remember when we were little ones and there was no fear attached to friendship. We simply embraced and curiously explored friendship—always giving our best and believing the best. Then with years and experiences came the doubts. Doubts about her . . . doubts about me. It is so hard to believe the possibility of the … [Read more...]

Jesus Found At Arkansas Funeral

As I walked into the church auditorium this morning, my heart was instantly seized with a wave of grief at the sight of three caskets. I wasn’t prepared for that, and though my head knew, seeing tangible evidence of the great loss began the next hours of weighty grief. A father’s casket nestled between two of his precious young daughters' caskets is a sight that moves quickly from your eyes to settle deep into your heart. Each casket had a … [Read more...]

Arkansas Hope and Rubble

My heart was pounding as I quickly laced up my shoes, shouting to my son that there was a tornado heading our way. My husband grabbed dirt bike helmets for our protection while my son stripped his bed and placed the mattress in the hallway. Out our west window, we could see a black sky and debris in the air. The voices on the television reported, “Tornado on the ground at 300 near Pinnacle Mountain.” That’s us. We would learn later that … [Read more...]

Arkansas Mourning and Hollywood Celebration

I am sitting on an airplane headed to L.A. to attend an event that is directly tied to my passion to speak into the lives of moms—a time of celebration. Oddly, my heart does not want to keep this commitment made months ago. Celebration seems frivolous at this moment. My heart wants to retreat back to Arkansas, the state I called home for eight years, because there is mourning there. Why would I choose mourning over celebration? [Tweet … [Read more...]

Be A Mentor, Find A Mentor

It can be awkward and uncomfortable at first...but a mentoring relationship is something you NEED to pursue. And hey - your seatbelt was awkward and uncomfortable but you got used to that! So buckle up and make mentoring happen in YOUR life! Do you have that “older woman” who touches your life deeply, without much fan fare or notice to the rest of the world? I remember her well; her name was Connie. She was the “older women” in our women’s … [Read more...]

Embracing Menopausal Weight Gain

I just watched some ridiculous commercial discussing how awful it is to experience menopausal weight gain and how I can take some drugs to fight against it. Decision made...I am going to punch menopausal weight gain in the face and just embrace it. I mean really – why are women so daggum entranced by the desire to look young at all cost? I vote we all look our age and recognize the human body changes and that is N-A-T-U-R-A-L! A teenage … [Read more...]

Encouragement Cafe Chat

More than a year ago I "met" Luann Prater by phone and we shared our hearts on life, where God had us and what the big dreams were He had placed in our hearts. Imagine my surprise when I found out she would be coming to Little Rock a few weeks ago to meet up with Suzie Eller, (my now new friend) and that they wanted to sit and chat with me on their radio program Encouragement Cafe. We enjoyed dinner together the night before, where there … [Read more...]

A Different Kind of Bully

No one wants their child to be a bully! And when we think of a "bully" we all have a picture in our head of what that looks and sounds like. But there is another, more quiet, subtle form of being a bully - and it may be something you have not yet thought of discussing with your children. Join me over at MomLife Today and learn more about the "other" kind of bully that could be a part of your child's life. … [Read more...]