Don’t Be A Hater!

I make mistakes constantly. I mess up. I let my “uglies” show. I let people down. I fail to meet expectations. I puff up. Sometimes that makes me want to seal myself off from the world to save others from me. I’ve been reading Psalms and David’s words seem less like little black marks on a page and more like a mirror. I am mindful of my constant need to seek forgiveness...and give it. God is so good to forgive. People...not so … [Read more...]

Shaunti Feldhahn A Stuffer or an Exploder?

I recently sat down with Shaunti Feldhahn to ask her if she is a stuffer or an exploder and she gave me a GREAT tip to share with you moms on how to avoid over-reacting with your kids! FYI - Shaunti just re-released her million seller book...go check it out!   For more tips on how to handle "anger management" go visit Moms March Madness! … [Read more...]

Yes…it matters!

How was your CHRISTmas family time? Amazing I hope! As you may have noticed I was no where to be found on the internet! I just didn't have a peace about spending time with my face in front of a computer when there were so many faces available to be spending time with right here in my own home and those we visited. Take no offense please - my time spent connecting with you is presh - but sometimes ya just gotta Be The Mom! I hope you have come … [Read more...]

Doldrums Slayer

There are days when I can get sort of down in the dumps. You? Sometimes it is because “the news” is draggin me down and sometimes it is because “my news” is giving me the doldrums. Discussing “the news” with you would just be exhausting and I don’t even want to go there.  But discussing “my news” is something you can probably relate to if you too have some “just life” stuff that can make your days a challenge! You know, the little … [Read more...]

I Have A “Me” Problem

Do you find it relatively easy to notice someone else’s “issues” in life? Even if you are kind enough and wise enough to keep your trap you sometimes notice those things that hold others captive? You know, “Tsk, tsk, sweet little Samantha couldn’t stop talking about others if her life depended on it. Why can’t she just stop the gossip?” Or, “Oh my look at the shopping bags in her hand when is Sandra going to stop burying her troubles … [Read more...]

Do You Have Ugly Friends?

In a letter received from a reader I once again was hit with a familiar issue amongst women - seems we moms have issues and hurt feelings that come up over our friendships with other women. A lot. Yeah, I have been there - I get it…totally.  But, through the years I have learned to recognize that maybe the issue is not so much one persons fault, but a failure of each person to understand the true nature and meaning of friendship. Will you … [Read more...]

Tween Help

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with an amazing mother daughter team who is burdened to help moms know how to speak into the lives of their tweens. In this digital age you better believe the culture is coming after your tweens, marketers are spending some $43 billion to influence your tween. As a result the definition of a tween is getting younger and younger. A phenomenon known as "age compression" is occurring whereby what used … [Read more...]

Book Giveaway with Dannah Gresh

I am beyond honored to be a guest blogger over at Secret Keeper Girl the ministry of Dannah of my most favorite people of all time! I shared long ago why Dannah is a favorite - she made time for my daughter a few years ago when we met her at one of her events. Isn't it just like God to use our children to draw us into a relationship with another Godly woman. Dannah Gresh is the real deal people and if you have daughters you … [Read more...]

MOPS Glide Through Texas

Moms are amazing. I spent the last three days with about 2,000 of them at the National MOPS convention at the Gaylord in Dallas, Texas...and it was simply marvy! These ladies work diligently all year long to be supportive and provide wisdom to moms all over the world through their own MOPS groups. When I had preschoolers I attended MOPS and as they grew older I was invited to speak at several – if you have preschoolers and are not part … [Read more...]