Reader Comment = Tears

I am weeping...God truly can use the unqualified for His purposes! Jacki shared this with me tonight... Tracy, I’m typing this with one hand as I nurse my fourth child who is four weeks old. The others are 6, 4, and 2. So needless to say, when the focus on the family broadcast came on the other night (while I was bouncing a gassy baby and chanting “this too shall pass! This too shall pass!”) I got teary eyed as I heard you describe that … [Read more...]

10 Rules for Authors

I just had to share this. My dear sweet friend Gina Smith sent me this last week the day before I left for Colorado Springs to meet with my publisher, do radio and otherwise present myself as a “big deal” author even though I am just little ol me and very much not a big deal. Out of the blue she sent this to me and I laughed and laughed until I breathed easy and realized I just had to be me and not try to impress anyone! So that’s what I … [Read more...]

Interviews, Fires and Friendships

Last week was magnificent and magnanimously frightening at the same time. I was in Colorado Springs to visit Focus on the Family for several meetings and various tapings for radio. My mind was constantly wandering to those who had escaped from the fire and were losing their homes and those working tirelessly to save them. Amid their devastation and chaos it was a challenge to remain focused on why I was there. I finally decided that what God … [Read more...]

Words Matter

Words matter. Words that are said. Words that are omitted. Words, or the lack thereof, are a powerful motivator...or de-motivator. Words can tear down. Words can build up. Words are sometimes carelessly tossed and chip away at the countenance of another. Words are sometimes harshly calculated and tear away at the heart of another. Words tumbled out of your mouth did they effect those who heard them? Words … [Read more...]

Summertime & The Livin’s Sleazy

Really? According to many sources there are LOTS of people reading Shades of Grey. Lots.  Of.  People. Like, even people that are sitting in church on Sunday. Um hum. That’s really curious to me. Shades of Grey is erotic fiction. As far as I can tell, by the description of erotic fiction and the words of many who are referring to the book as “mommy porn” – that means everybody pretty much knows Shades of Grey is a sleazy … [Read more...]

Fifty Shades of Grey No Way

There are days when you read something on someone else's blog that you find so compelling you just kinda think...why say what's already been said? Such is the case today. I have much admiration and respect for Dannah Gresh and she has dedicated the last several years of her life to speaking into the lives of others on the subject of purity and sexuality. She has done the research and has a pure heart in her motives to speak on these … [Read more...]

Little Boy House Guests

  Sometimes a simple phrase from a child can make you stop and think. Two sweet, energetic and adorable little boys ages 3 and 5 recently filled our home with giggles and grins. I was meeting their mom for the first time to discuss some “MomLife Today” matters and she had her sons along for the trip. There was no way they needed to be staying in a hotel – so invited them to stay with us. We had discussions under a basketball hoop, … [Read more...]

Cruisin N Smoosin!

OK - so maybe that is not even a word up there! But hey...I was very blessed last week to spend five days on the Love Like You Mean It Cruise meeting and greeting people and being all around tropical and active! I committed to totally ignore all social media while spending time with my husband and ministering to other couples...and it was awesome! Hubby and I had the pleasure of emcee'ing the nightly entertainment on the big stage and that … [Read more...]

Multi-Generational Mom Gathering

Last week I was scurrying around trying to wrangle a large group and keep them engaged and was hard work, but well worth it when I saw how much fun they were having and how well they were connecting. Nope, it was not a group of was a group of moms! Amazingly, even though MomLife Today was founded in 2008 this was the first time we had all gathered together to meet and dream about our individual ministries and the … [Read more...]

Interviewing A Model

I really enjoy interviewing people for MomLife Today because being able to share what others are doing to glorify God, that in process speaks into the lives of moms, makes me silly happy! Confession time...knowing that I was interviewing an International model made me feel silly my former awkward pre-teen self. No pressure there...sitting on camera opposite a woman who has been on magazine covers. Gee thanks. I chose, yes … [Read more...]