My Good Friend…Matt Chandler

One of my family's favorite places to go in the whole big wide world is Pine Cove Camp. My hubby has taken my daughter to Father/Daughter camp since she was in the first grade, and my son started going with him to Father/Son camp when he was in Kindergarten. As a family we have attended Family Camp for eight years and our summer wouldn't be complete with an infusion of Pine Cove! It is an amazing place, with amazing people. There are many … [Read more...]

Meeting Steven Curtis Chapman

If you have not yet heard the CD Beauty Will Rise, by Steven Curtis Chapman, I suggest you go right out and get yourself one.I just spent this past weekend with Stephen Curtis Chapman, his wife Mary Beth, and several other people who believe in what they are doing through their showHOPE ministry. If you didn't catch the Orphan Sunday event on November 8th, I encourage you to go watch it now.I met Mary Beth first. As she bounded over smiling, it … [Read more...]

My Good Friend…Shannon

FRIEND FRIDAY I would like to introduce you to a friend I have had for a couple of years. She is a fun-loving mom of eight who lives her MomLife with intentionality and she is a joy to be around. Rather than waste lots of time introducing you to her...I'd rather allow you to meet her directly by visiting her blog at She has also just written a post about hosting your own Free Garage Sale which will allow … [Read more...]

My Good Friend…Blaze

FRIEND FRIDAY I have avoided writing about this for three months. Four years ago we got ourselves the cutest little puppy dog you have ever seen...I know, besides yours. My daughter named him Blaze because he was black with a white "blaze" down the front of his chest. On the day we picked him up from a quaint farmhouse in West Virginia he bonded with us immediately. As a puppy he was always on the heels of my son and they quickly became … [Read more...]

My Good Friend…Sara

FRIEND FRIDAY Sara Felix Goodrich Lancaster. My mothers mom. Grandmama. My good friend. My earliest memories of Grandmama encompass her doing things to serve others. She made the best fried chicken I have ever tasted and was always most pleased to serve it to others with a smile and a wave of her hand when the individual went on and on about how good it was. Weekly Sunday afternoon meals at her home always included a rousing game of … [Read more...]

Do you like me?

Do you remember receiving notes in elementary school that went something like this...I like you. Do you like me? Circle yes or noRemember the surge of excitement you would get when you realized someone liked you and wanted to be your friend? It was a great feeling then and it's a great feeling now.So yeah, I admit it...after less than a week of writing a personal blog I find myself holding my breath each day as I "stop by" to see if anyone has … [Read more...]

I Remember

Friend Friday... I had just dropped my daughter off at elementary school. My toddler son was finishing up breakfast and I was gathering up the "stuff" I needed for the opening day of Women's Bible Study at my church. The phone rang and my mom asked in a shaky voice, "Do you have the television on?" I didn't, I usually don't. As I walked toward the remote control lying on my green suede couch the next words I heard her say sort of lingered … [Read more...]