Join Me At Heart to Home

There are some big "goin on's" happening in early February that you need to know about! I trust you have heard of West Monroe Louisiana - a few guys with beards and some hand hewn duck calls pretty much put that corner of the world on the map.  And the little town of West Monroe is about to be over run by large groups of women who are driving and flying in from all over the country to attend the Heart To Home conference on February 6th and 7th … [Read more...]

Meeting the Stars at the ‘Moms’ Night Out’ Premiere

Robert Amaya has been a joy every time I have hung out with him, and this time I got to meet his beautiful and gracious wife! Robert always encourages me! He is warm, kind and others focused—you just want him to be your friend! Patricia Heaton was radiant and soft, bright-eyed, and had a lively engaging confidence and—daggum—she is gorgeous! I thanked her for making the movie and expressed the importance of it for moms, and she received my … [Read more...]


Don’t you figure deep down inside Hollywood types just want to be treated like everyone else? I suppose most are just regular peeps placed in extraordinary circumstances and those around them lift them up to positions they don’t necessarily want to be lofted to! At least those who stay grounded no doubt feel that way. That was very true when I observed the cast of Moms’ Night Out this past summer during filming. What I saw were humble, hard … [Read more...]

Meet Stephen Kendrick – Sharing About Adoption

      Enthusiasm, encouragement and oozing Jesus' love, that is how I would describe Stephen Kendrick! Check out my recent video interview with him where he shares how he and his wife Jill made the decision to adopt and how God was with them every step of the way. Amazing story - amazing family. Soon I will share another video interview where we hear from Alex and an exciting new movie project he is a part of ... … [Read more...]

Meet Sally Lloyd Jones – Jesus Story Book Bible

Sometimes I stand amazed at the sweet love filled souls who are finely tuned to hear God's voice and how they then share that gift with others through their writing. Sally Lloyd Jones, author of the Jesus Story Book Bible was a complete joy to meet and chat with - I mean like "instant friends" type of connection. I think the Holy Spirit does that quite often...don't you agree! Little did she know the little "surprise" I had to tell her … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins Oh My!

Do you have that "marvelicious" baked good that you are sort of "known" for amongst family and friends? You know, the one that turns you into a rock star? Well girlfriend, you better come up with one because it goes a long way to boost your conversational time with your kiddos! Come learn what I am eluding to here over at Priscilla Shirer's Going Beyond Ministries blog where I am sharing today. And yes...I was way humbled when I was … [Read more...]

Nicole Unice Wisdom

Recently I was blessed to meet and have a few conversations with Nicole Unice when she came to FamilyLife for a visit! For sure I think she and I would be great buds if she lived around here somewhere. She was so very engaging and every question I asked her was met with enthusiasm and great wisdom. Check this out and you'll see what I mean!  I hope you will also visit her website and get to know her better! … [Read more...]

Karen Ehman – I Get To!

When I met Karen Ehman I noticed lots of smiles and lots of spunk. It is fun to "know" someone on line and then meet them in person and realize their "on-line" heart is as big as their in person heart. I so enjoyed asking Karen a "bunch" of questions and look forward to you reaping the rewards from her heartfelt answers! Her words today will help you realize the hum drum of momlife should be seen as "I Get To" not "I Have To" - brilliant! … [Read more...]

Robyn McKelvey – Overwhelmed Mom Help

I have known Robyn McKelvey for several years and I have to tell you she is one of the most joy filled and loving women I have ever met! She is genuine in her love for the Lord and she is crazy in love with her very wonderful husband! She exudes "othersness" and you just want to soak her in when you are around her. She makes me want to be a better wife, mom and person! I hope you enjoy hearing from her as much as I do! I KNOW you will enjoy … [Read more...]