Shaunti Feldhahn A Stuffer or an Exploder?

I recently sat down with Shaunti Feldhahn to ask her if she is a stuffer or an exploder and she gave me a GREAT tip to share with you moms on how to avoid over-reacting with your kids! FYI - Shaunti just re-released her million seller book...go check it out!   For more tips on how to handle "anger management" go visit Moms March Madness! … [Read more...]

Cruisin – Love Like You Mean It Style!

Wow...what a week I had last week! Monday hubby and I sailed off into the sunset (literally) from the port of Miami on the FamilyLife Love Like You Mean It Marriage Cruise and spent the next four days enjoying what can best be described as the decades ago memorable...dare I say it...Love Boat! It really is encouraging to see a boat full of couples being intentional in pouring into their marriage. We met many couples who liked the idea of … [Read more...]

Fearless Mom You Need To Meet

Have you ever met someone and afterwards felt you just want to sit and talk to her for hours? Be a part of her life...pray for her regularly? Yeah, me too. I hope you will feel this way about Kelley...I also hope you will hear her words loud and clear. For my married friends out there - love your husband well, time with him is a gift and a blessing.   To hear more of Kelley's story please go to MomLife Today and follow the … [Read more...]

Biggest Fan- Ted Dekker

So...I just got back from the Ragged Edge writers conference with none other than THE Ted Dekker as well as Tosca Lee, Eric Wilson, Robert Liparulo and Steven James. The time with these writers was invaluable as it wasn't your typical writers was more like being at a dinner party with the aforementioned and the entire dinner party was all about encouraging me to do what God designed me to do. The thing is ... there were dozens … [Read more...]

Two Knuckleheads, Wynonna Judd and an Epic Reunion

Yesterday I was sitting in an airport, had been for hours – thanks to two passengers who turned our plane around just before take off due to their inability to follow flight attendant instructions and turn off their cell phones.  They also dished out an unhealthy dose of obnoxious behavior. Due to the epic fail actions and ill advised decisions of two knuckleheads about 70 other passengers lost their connecting flights and their next couple of … [Read more...]

Soul Surfer – Meet Her For Real

I had the amazing pleasure of meeting Bethany Hamilton and her mom Cheri during their recent visit to FamilyLife. What a joy they both were - this is a mom and daughter who are truly connected. Soul Surfer, the movie about Bethany's life and the life altering encounter she had with a shark is being released April 9th.  The shark attack is probably going to be the draw for many movie goers...but they will gain so much more as they see her life … [Read more...]

Pancakes & Jill Savage

Ever been smacked in the face by a pancake? Do you know how to prevent such a calamity? For the story behind that odd statement join me over at MomLife Today! And ... on a side note, yesterday was a fabulous one...I did a video interview with Jill Savage of Hearts at Home, we had dinner together last night and then we headed on over to a MomLink Event to spend some time with a group of moms who were blessed by an evening with Hearts at Home … [Read more...]