Guaranteed Weekly Date Night for Parents

As I connect with married moms I hear loud and clear your desire to have a date night with your husbands! I get it and I applaud you for knowing that dating your husband, while parenting, should be a priority. Do you, too, long for the opportunity to have a date night with your spouse? Do you feel cheated because you cannot manage to get out of the house and date night just keeps not happening? I have some very good news: You do not have to … [Read more...]

Cruisin – Love Like You Mean It Style!

Wow...what a week I had last week! Monday hubby and I sailed off into the sunset (literally) from the port of Miami on the FamilyLife Love Like You Mean It Marriage Cruise and spent the next four days enjoying what can best be described as the decades ago memorable...dare I say it...Love Boat! It really is encouraging to see a boat full of couples being intentional in pouring into their marriage. We met many couples who liked the idea of … [Read more...]

Weekend Challenge

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about being an overwhelmed mom and suggested that spending quality time with your children may just help you battle those overwhelmed feelings. You know what else will help? A bit of flirting. Yes, I am talking to my married friends out need to flirt with your hubby! Far too often the stresses of daily life burden a mom right out of one of the greatest stress relievers of all – sweet … [Read more...]

For Men Only, Sort Of

If you are like me you are sort of the "gate keeper" in your home. Actually, it's a well known fact by all marketers that you and I are the one's who generally decide what is coming into our home, what our families are going to participate in, purchase, attend, visit, etc. (Assuming you are a chick - if you are one of the few dudes who read my blog - you need to keep reading too, this really is for YOU!) You get the idea ladies, actually … [Read more...]

Sacrifice & Homecoming Ignored!

I am sitting in an airport…crying. While the world around me continues to turn and people scurry. The escalators before me carry travelers, many, many travelers.  Face after face coming down the escalator appears weary and laden down with heavy loads – and not just in their arms. Just moments ago I watched a woman of 40 something bounce up and down and squeal in excitement, there on the down escalator was a younger version of her … [Read more...]

Mom Disappears!?

I want to disappear. Do you have days like that? Oh how glorious it would be if the skies would part and Jesus would appear and then I could disappear. The constant praise of Him could begin. I find myself longing for that more and more. Is that promise of being reunited with my Savior the source of the longing in my heart on this day (and several others) to disappear? I have spent the last three weeks caring for my husband as he … [Read more...]

West Nile Virus Attack

Hey Friends, My husband is crazy sick with West Nile Virus – this stuff is awful!  I won’t be around this week.  I am taking care of my man! I had to drop by though just to tell you to WEAR BUG SPRAY and put it on all the members of your family.  I know the chance of getting West Nile Virus is slim...but trust me you do not want anyone you love to get it. My husband is a big o tough guy and this has knocked him flat for a week! I am … [Read more...]

Cinderella Mom Finds Prince Charming

All around me there were men looking rather dapper in their suits and ties, most with a healthy pink glow on their faces due to the afternoon hiking fun they had just enjoyed with their wives. Their smiles were extra broad as they glided through the room accompanied by their beloved wives dressed in feminine loveliness.  Excitement was in the air as we were gathering for our dinner in the large dining room. Tables of eight were laden with … [Read more...]

No Perfect Moms

There are no perfect moms and certainly as a woman who wrote a book titled Be The Mom I hope anyone who sees that book will inquire further and learn that my heart behind the book is simply to exhort moms to step into their God given role as a mom with a quiet resolve to do so with intentionality and purpose. As C.S. Lewis said, "The homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose only, and that is to support the … [Read more...]