Conversation Starters for Date Night

I am still at the MOPS convention in Dallas and am quite tired from talking to moms all day long! I am also being inspired by their heart to serve others! Since I don't seem to have the time to do anything but chat, giggle and connect with moms...I would like to send you over to MomLife Today where I whipped up some conversation starters for you and your hubby! Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Wedding Coordinator Observations

Over the weekend I had the joy of serving a friend as the wedding coordinator for her daughter’s wedding. I have had lots of experience through the years as a party planner, wedding planner, but as of late I “gift” my services to those I love because it blesses me tremendously to see a peaceful mother and a happy bride! As I sat on my back deck today praying for the new bride and groom I had several snapshots of the day click through my … [Read more...]

RoMANtic Done Right

Valentine's Day is approaching...are you filled with anticipation? I get that we women long for romance and wonder what our husband's might be planning for us, but how about a change of plans this year? How about this year you plan something special for him? Maybe just suggest to him this weekend that you are going to make all the Valentine's Day plans - whether you prepare a meal at home, or make reservations to go out, you take the … [Read more...]

Secret to 25 Year Marriage

  I have always felt like wedding anniversary's were something that were private, a special day for the bride and groom to celebrate without much fan fair. My experiences in the last few days have caused me to realize that longevity in marriage is something people like to celebrate - because it is a novelty to most. Celebrating my 25th Wedding Anniversary has led to some interesting conversations with several people...mostly strangers … [Read more...]

Random Stuff & Happy Anniversary To Me

  I feel loved by God fully, completely and am grateful for His unmerited goodness! Thank you for your prayers for my horse Dot! She is doing amazingly well! Her hoof abscess finally busted and we continue to soak and clean her hoof and give her lots of TLC! My husband and I made a trip to Pine Cove Christian camp over the weekend and I am even MORE excited about the MomLife Boot Camp event we are having there March 23-25, … [Read more...]

Husband Help

I recall an older wiser woman saying to me once, "He will never know if you don't tell him, sharing burdens is part of what marriage is about." Once again that advice was proven wise. You see I have been carrying this very heavy burden all around with me the past couple of weeks. It was weighing me down. I tried to to quietly, bravely haul it around with me, thinking it would eventually go away and become less burdensome, but that was not … [Read more...]

Children Away Parents Play

Be prepared to become insanely jealous - both of my teens are gone this week and though I thought I was going to be so sad...I am not. Hubby and I are having lots n lots of fun and enjoying ourselves muchly! We have also been quite productive, doing little projects here and there! Our meals have been simple and pleasant. Our conversations have been thought provoking and playful. Our prayers and gratefulness more often expressed. The days seem … [Read more...]