Valentine Ideas for Hubby (please forward)

Valentine's Day must be a real stress-er for our husbands.All the advertising pointed at them is trying to sell, sell, sell: Get her a box of chocolate, take her out for an amazing dinner, buy her a diamond, a car ... Come on, Buddy, show her you love her by pulling out the wallet.Uh ... excuse me, I do not need my hubby's wallet to be happy. My guess is, you concur with me on that one.Most of us just want something out of the ordinary and … [Read more...]

Confessions of a Broken Heart

Today's Music Monday is not a celebration, but a view into the life of a child experiencing divorce.This video, my friends, is why my husband and I have given our lives over to serving in a ministry dedicated to preserving marriages and family. See too many children could be the voice singing this song... … [Read more...]