Momlife is TOO hard!

I have been remembering those days throughout my momlife where I wanted to escape. Where my biggest dream was the "mom fairy" bursting through my door and saying, "You are such a great mom, you deserve a break...I am going to wave my wand and send you on a two day vacation...where would you like to go?" Never happened. Being a mom is hard - it's a daily assault on self. Being a mom is important - it's a daily opportunity to pour into the … [Read more...]

My Son Is Ignoring Me!

I recently got an email from a mom (who asked to remain nameless) who shared that she was struggling in how to interact with her tween son who was rapidly loosing interest in his desire to hang out with her. Woe is me --- I have been there, and it hurts and it is confusing. I want to encourage her and all of you moms that is NORMAL and is NOT a reflection on you or your relationship with your son.  And I REALLY want to thank my new friend … [Read more...]

Danger to Children’s Growth

The other day my husband was talking about a leadership principal that involves the term analysis paralysis, and my ears perked up. When I asked him to explain further, he said leaders have to know when to take action, “It’s all about not over thinking things, it is ok to make mistakes because you will learn from them.” So that got me to thinking . . . if multimillion-dollar business leaders know that doing something and making mistakes leads … [Read more...]

Suffering? Need Help?

Friends, I am in a season that is leaving me reeling...and on my knees. Family members with serious health issues that have had me away from home, an unexpected death in our family that has led to heartache and hard decisions. Each heart crushing need could be a series of blog posts that would leave my keyboard salty from the splash of tears. But God has not released me to share...after these happenings are not my life...but the fragile … [Read more...]

I Have A Big But

Sometimes it sneaks up on me from behind and before you know it, it exposes itself! For me, it happens like this, “I am sorry I yelled at you, but you did not do as I asked!” left eyebrow in a severe upward slant, lips pursed, hands on hips with just enough of a “neck bob” to indicate my attitude of self righteousness. If this is an attitude that has not been revealed in your home, welcome to mine – I have exposed my big but more times than … [Read more...]

Mom Fail, That Involves Smoke & Firetrucks

It seemed like a reasonable idea at the time. My husband, children and I were visiting friends out of state to attend a wedding.  The day of the wedding we were up and running – well, most of us were.  Hubby and daughter had left to go to the store, but my son was still asleep. My friend’s husband was out and about and she and I wanted to go take a walk. My then nine year old son was asleep and we had discussed the night before that if he woke … [Read more...]

Mom Gut Check

“In a minute” she shot out in frustration never taking her eyes off of the iphone as she texted rapid fire. In front of her stood a little girl, I watched the little face contort as she hesitated and thoughtfully pleaded at her mother, with her heart...she then gave a little shake of her head and went back to her skipping in place, then stooped down to pick up a stick. My walking in the park propelled me forward and the scene playing out … [Read more...]

Are You An Overprotective Mom Too?

You have heard it said that confession is good for the soul...right? Well, I confessed...about my overprotective mom ways today, right out for the world to read about over at Family Matters. Here's a smidge of my guest post over there... Being a mom brings out the absolute “protect and preserve” gene in all of us, which can be a great thing. But it can also be a not so great thing. Case in point: my need to over-protect and preserve my … [Read more...]

Snow Day Mom Melt Down

All this snow day talk amongst mom bloggers, facebookers (I just invented a new word - I'm sure Wikipedia will be calling soon!) and the news outlets sucked up out of my cluttered brain the memory of a blizzard I lived through when my teens were little bitties! It was February and outside the landscape was covered in a blanket of white snow.  Inside our cozy two story home I sat on a warm carpeted stairway, my newborn infant son in my arms and … [Read more...]


Guilty. At the risk of sounding like a pathetic loser…well there you have it, I am a pathetic loser - so who am I kidding. I did the whole comparison thing. The whole, she’s got it better than me. It’s not fair. Whah, whah. What about me? I deserve that! Blah, blah. Fail. Again. Been there? Thankfully, God’s mercies never cease – and He loves me in spite of myself. Forgive me Lord. Done. Bless her for how you have … [Read more...]