Yeah...it happens. Ever had one of those days where you just felt like you were slugging through mud? Mud on your feet, mud in your mouth, mud in your brain. Muddled, dragged down, blah and weary as you trudged through your day...not truly capable of mustering up the effort to try and do it all. Schmlekcel.  Dwirp. Flaada. Bluhrp. Yeah...I'd say that about says it all. Why should such a day happen? What happened to the "real me" the … [Read more...]

This Mom’s Strange Habits

Singing for no apparent reason. Making up new words to other people's songs.  Talking to myself...and answering myself. Checking to "be sure" the oven and stove are turned off. Stopping by my "in box" to see if anyone e-mailed me. (To avoid doing something that really needs to get done.) Dancing for no apparent reason. What's with that photo on the right? Being shocked and appalled every time I find that no one else will … [Read more...]

Mom Rant!

Okay ... if you do not enjoy hearing an otherwise level-headed mom share a little rant you may want to just sit this post out! Realize I'm just venting here, so please allow me to type for a while. Why am I the only person in this house who will put things back where they belong? Over Christmas I went to get my scissors ... not there. I went to get my paring knife ... gone. The lighter for the fireplace ... missing. Grrrr. Here's my big … [Read more...]

Cooking Strike

The cooking strike has now ended.You see, hubby has been traveling for a week, so I went on a cooking strike. I don't know why it is less motivating to cook when he's not home...but it just is somehow.Could it be because my daughter is a picky eater...still? Could it be that as long as it's food my 13 year old son, who is currently growing about an inch a month, will eat anything as long as it's not still mooing or rooted into the ground?I did … [Read more...]