How To Help Kids Remember!

There are so many things we as moms want to do to help our children thrive in life! I do realize that trying to do them all can make every stinkin one of us go crazy because there simply are not enough hours in the day! So, right now, let me absolve you of all the "Oh my goodness I cannot do it all!" guilt running through your head. Because you know what? You are right you CANNOT do it all. So, you just have to decide what is right for you … [Read more...]

I Cannot Birth This Baby!

Interesting that during my pregnancy over 20 years ago I constantly read the book What To Expect When You Are Expecting and now that I am talking into the lives of moms I was asked by them to write a post on child birth! I really was connected to that book, I even mention it in Be The Mom! They have a website, What To Expect, and they send me an email several months back and say, "Hey, will you write us a guest post?" And I answer back, … [Read more...]

Overwhelmed Mom Needs…

Feeling overwhelmed today? Wishing you could hang out with friends or co-workers more and have some fun? Do thoughts of days free to do whatever you want skip through your mind? Is having time to yourself at the top of your bucket list? If you are familiar with me, you no doubt know that the next words typed on this page will include encouragement that what you do as a mom matters! A reminder that your momlife is important! You are molding … [Read more...]

Lice Nightmare

Last night I was minding my own business, happily watching The Office with my son and husband when all of the sudden I broke out into a cold sweat and my heart started racing. I think I may have even been mumbling incoherently - eyes glazed over. I was propelled back in time to a particularly stressful event as a mom, lean in close here - I am going to need to whisper, "it was that time, when my sweet little five year old girl, with the long, … [Read more...]

Mom Fail, That Involves Smoke & Firetrucks

It seemed like a reasonable idea at the time. My husband, children and I were visiting friends out of state to attend a wedding.  The day of the wedding we were up and running – well, most of us were.  Hubby and daughter had left to go to the store, but my son was still asleep. My friend’s husband was out and about and she and I wanted to go take a walk. My then nine year old son was asleep and we had discussed the night before that if he woke … [Read more...]

Sleep Deprived Mom

Ah, sleep deprivation I remember it well. It started when they were born and stopped...well actually it hasn't stopped. I have a dear friend who just had her first child about a month ago, she told me that what she missed most was sleep.  And that if she could just manage to get 8 hours of sleep one night a week she would be happy. It was all I could do not to laugh.  Because I am keenly aware that desire is going to remain a constant - … [Read more...]

Face-Plant Teaches Life Lesson

I have been told pain has memory - physical pain and emotional pain. As I have wrestled with the unexpected "bobbles" and "wrecks" while working towards a dream, I recently found myself propelled back in time to a memory of a wreck that is seared into my brain. Suddenly the world was upside down and I found myself launched head over heals, soaring over the handlebars of my bike. Confused and broken hearted as my dream was literally crashing … [Read more...]

A Mom’s Treasure

"Mom - pay attention to me!" I think my children would love to shout that to me at times. You know the times, the times when we are busy with our own agenda and we push our children off to the side. Not in a mean sort of way, just in an "I'm too busy right now" sort of way.  Either way - it's uncool. Join me over at MomLife Today where I am sharing my take on what it is our children really want from us on any given day!   (And … [Read more...]

Awakened From A Sound Sleep

  Mom's have this radar that exists while we sleep that allows us full consciousness, even in our unconsciousness! If you are a mom I know you get what I am saying. Our family vacation each summer requires a long road trip and I am most blessed to have a husband that prefers to do all the driving. That leaves me with the option of engaging in fun and games with my children, chatting incessantly, quietly reading, writing or sleeping. … [Read more...]