Join Me At Heart to Home

There are some big "goin on's" happening in early February that you need to know about! I trust you have heard of West Monroe Louisiana - a few guys with beards and some hand hewn duck calls pretty much put that corner of the world on the map.  And the little town of West Monroe is about to be over run by large groups of women who are driving and flying in from all over the country to attend the Heart To Home conference on February 6th and 7th … [Read more...]


Don’t you figure deep down inside Hollywood types just want to be treated like everyone else? I suppose most are just regular peeps placed in extraordinary circumstances and those around them lift them up to positions they don’t necessarily want to be lofted to! At least those who stay grounded no doubt feel that way. That was very true when I observed the cast of Moms’ Night Out this past summer during filming. What I saw were humble, hard … [Read more...]

Serve With Your Family

My Daddy worked for the State Park system of Kentucky for MANY years and my entire growing up life we went to state parks at least twice a year. I have many childhood memories of fun family times romping through just about every park in the Bluegrass state! And camping is something that was a monthly commitment for many, many years in our family and both of our kids are hooked on the great outdoors I am sure in large part due to our regular … [Read more...]

Mom Missing In Action

Today is a fantastical, amazing, unbelievable day in the life of this "mom first" yet ministry minded mom! The new MomLife Today was finally launched today. It has been a long time coming. My mornings have been filled with extended time with the Lord to make it through the last several weeks. Various personal matters have demanded lots of attention and every morsel of time I have had to spend towards ministry has been poured into furthering … [Read more...]

Be A Mentor, Find A Mentor

It can be awkward and uncomfortable at first...but a mentoring relationship is something you NEED to pursue. And hey - your seatbelt was awkward and uncomfortable but you got used to that! So buckle up and make mentoring happen in YOUR life! Do you have that “older woman” who touches your life deeply, without much fan fare or notice to the rest of the world? I remember her well; her name was Connie. She was the “older women” in our women’s … [Read more...]

Be The Mom E-Book Sale!

  Wow - this is way cool! I was just informed that Focus on the Family is selling the ebook version of Be The Mom for only $1.99 if you order through their site! Just go to Be The Mom Sale and type in the code 406925 at check out! Just last night I received yet another email from a mom who said Be The Mom is making a "real" difference in her daily momlife! God is able...that's for sure! I continue to be in awe over what God is … [Read more...]

Just Write A Post Already!

You must know that pretty much every day I write a post to place on my blog site here. The problem...I write it in my head while I am doing something else that needs my attention. Rest assured that once I get through MomLife Boot Camp (that’s coming up in April) the posts will pick up again. Between now and then it will be hit or miss...but thankfully there is no shortage of great content from many, many bloggers! You know you can … [Read more...]

Whack Priorities

I am struck by the fact that as humans we have this profound tendency to have our priorities out of whack. News reports show us there are 1,000’s of people struggling right now due to Hurricane Sandy. It appears many, many are lacking basic necessities and are in need of water, food, clothing, warmth and protection from the elements. Many are now homeless and have nothing but the clothes on their backs. Many residents of devastated areas … [Read more...]