I Have A “Me” Problem

Do you find it relatively easy to notice someone else’s “issues” in life? Even if you are kind enough and wise enough to keep your trap shut...do you sometimes notice those things that hold others captive? You know, “Tsk, tsk, sweet little Samantha couldn’t stop talking about others if her life depended on it. Why can’t she just stop the gossip?” Or, “Oh my look at the shopping bags in her hand when is Sandra going to stop burying her troubles … [Read more...]

Thread Bare Bedroom Slippers…Mean What?

Avoidance maximus. It is really rather pathetic of me. I have finally embraced the truth that God has created me to be a writer, yet many days I avoid the keyboard. It’s as if the potential for failure to effectively communicate is so great that it is easier to just not go there. The voices in my head shouting “who would want to read what you write anyway” are so very loud. The reality that most of what I read remains safely tucked away in … [Read more...]

Book Giveaway with Dannah Gresh

I am beyond honored to be a guest blogger over at Secret Keeper Girl the ministry of Dannah Gresh...one of my most favorite people of all time! I shared long ago why Dannah is a favorite - she made time for my daughter a few years ago when we met her at one of her events. Isn't it just like God to use our children to draw us into a relationship with another Godly woman. Dannah Gresh is the real deal people and if you have daughters you … [Read more...]

Join Me at the MOPS 2012 Convention

  Right now I'm headed to the MOPS 2012 Convention in Dallas, TX. If you're there, I hope you'll come by my 'Bubble' party booth with Focus on the Family. We'll be playing Wii and answering questions live at our virtual 'Be the Mom' Facebook party! If you're not here at the MOPs Convention in person I hope you'll join us at 9pm (CT) on Facebook! You can get all the details HERE! … [Read more...]

Gratitude and MOPS Convention

I am beyond filled with gratitude to the Lord for His goodness and to so many of you for your encouraging words! Late last night we returned from our family vacation, so needless to say my sparse posts and social media presence last week were for that very reason! I thought it divinely ironic that my book release and radio program with Focus on the Family would be while I was on vacation! I didn't even get to hear the broadcast - I was was too … [Read more...]

How To Promote Your Book?

Notice that was a question mark in the title! Hey you, book writer – now go out and tell people about your book because that will be so easy for you to do. Not. It’s weird. Really weird. There’s the writing the book – then there’s the promoting the book. The “oh my gosh, what if I say something stupid while I’m talking” promoting of the book. First of all, I grew up painfully bashful. Being in front of others would literally … [Read more...]

Book Reality

How does one react when a dream becomes a reality? I got a call from Tyndale - my books are in! One of the wonderful new friends I have made at Tyndale actually snapped a photo of my book and e-mailed it to me. How cool is that? I leave tomorrow for Focus on the Family to do a radio interview. I have several meetings while there as well. I have had telephone calls with p.r. people and marketing people and it all just seems so … [Read more...]

Courageous DVD Giveaway!

Hey Friends, Join me over at MomLife Today where we are giving away an autographed copy of the DVD Courageous, as well as an autographed copy of Barbara Rainey's devotional book Growing Together in Courage! I am headed to the lake with a big bunch of teens, where we will be cliff jumping and enjoying some home made pepperoni rolls and fresh picked blue berries and black berries! Summertime is here - I hope you are making memories with … [Read more...]

Foster Care Prayer Vigil – online

Welcome to Be the Mom, as I mentioned in my post titled, Foster Care Prayer Vigil  today my post is part of the prayer vigil for foster care children.  I am inviting you to offer up your own prayer in the comment section, or on your own blog as you join with me in the National Foster Prayer Vigil going on all this week.   Father God, I praise you and thank you that you are the Alpha and the Omega and that you know each of your children … [Read more...]