te4Engaging perspective, heartfelt emotion, vulnerable life story and a passionate love of Jesus is infused in Tracey’s words as she shares with audiences what God is teaching her through His word and in her open handed life.

Tracey has also served as the emcee for various events and brings just the right energetic, enthusiastic and humorous touch needed to keep the audience engaged and informed! Because she has planned many events herself, her attention to detail, ability to problem solve/think quick serves as additional guidance and help during any event.

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Tracey has served as emcee at various events including Heart to Home, Mom’s Together, Love Like You Mean It Cruise, Art of Marriage, CSU at the Rock, MomLife Boot Camp and various church events, women’s events, small and large. Tracey always enjoys connecting with an audience and her energy and enthusiasm is contagious. Because she has directed so many events herself, she appreciates the need to honor those on the platform and set them up for success. Her experience and “feel for the room” gives her a keen awareness of audience energy and she enjoys engaging an audience for the overall purpose of an event.

Speaking Topics:


Finding God’s Peace…in your Beautiful Mess

You are not alone in your beautiful mess that is your momlife! We all have a less than perfect life, but each of us can tap into a unique GPS that will guide us to have peace in our everyday and enable our lives to influence others for His purposes.

Fight for Your Family – Allow Your Kids to Thrive! 

There are no perfect moms, but you are the perfect mom for your children!  Accept God’s call on your life as a “warrior” for your family and embrace the high calling that equips your children to be prepared for their intended purpose in life.  Which ultimately trains you in your giftedness.  Truths and tips that will train you to fight for your family and give you the tools needed to help your children thrive!

Be The Mom…with the right attitude!

Motherhood is awesome, but being a mom makes me crazy! There are seven mom traps we fall into that can get us all jammed up in our attitudes towards ourselves, others and our children! Learn to identify the mom traps and “loose thyself” so that you can find joy everyday with your kids!

Under Pressure

Stress, strife and stumbling – we all have it, but want to avoid it! A deep dive into scripture and Biblical culture that reveals some exciting information on how we can effectively deal with pressure in our lives.

FiftyTude … aging with grace and just a bit of tude!

Marriage, Motherhood and Menopause — been there, done that, what the heck is next?  Yes, age provides wisdom, but it also helps us live in gratitude, not care what others think and realize it ain’t about me!  Look forward to the next chapter … with some sass and a sense of adventure!  Discover your personal passion and unique brand, through this hands on work shop that will launch you with purpose and confidence into your “better than ever” future!

Training Up Children With Purpose and Passion

An exploration of Biblical truths regarding parenting that will reveal exciting blue prints for family life. A hands on work shop that will give you a family action plan without the pressure of performance that will empower you to parent with confidence — and create lots memories along the way!

Fun Mom Training – Yippies, Yummies and Yawns

Whimsical and practical advice on how to be a fun loving mom even in the day to day drudgery…because really, you are training your kids for His purposes so you may as well find a way to do it with a smile on your face and a skip in your step!

Most any topic tailored to your need!


Tracey also enjoys consulting opportunities by sharing with ministries/organizations what she has learned as the creator/executive director of FamilyLife’s MomLife Today and MomLife Boot Camp ministry and her over two decades of service in her church and community. She serves as a passionate and tenacious consultant and/or ideation workshop leader for any ministry or organization desiring to reach women/moms and meet their needs.

Ministering to Moms Matters

How could/should ministries and organizations be speaking into the hearts of moms? Moms are being inundated by the world with messaging like never before in ways that influence their lives as well as their children’s lives. Recognize the landscape and hear first hand from a leader in the mom space how you can come alongside moms and give them the help and hope they need.


Tracey enjoys spending time with writers and bloggers as they pursue publication and she is happy to share what she has learned along the way!

Practice, Passion & Platform

Learn how practice, passion and platform can launch you towards being the writer God wants you to be and get you well on your way to fulfilling your God given giftedness in your area of passion!

Defining You – You Are Your Brand!

Building a brand is easier than you might think, when you are part of a lively workshop that will take you step by step through the process! You will be led to introspectively determine who God made you to be while being challenged to stay true to your calling during the all important growing process.

Writer, Blogger, Mom – But Definitely Not In That Order

The gift of writing can be used by God for His purposes, learn how to steward wisely and effectively your writing skills while in the midst of real life! Practical, “You can do this” advice combined with “I’ve been there” wisdom as well as tips and tangibles to get you on your way towards publication.